Good Day

I finally seem to have this blog thing figured out.  I have been able to set up properly and I can now start serious blogging.

The day before yesterday, Kev managed to topple over on the floor and bite his lip.  He is teething and already has two teeth at the bottom and one at the top with a fourth one threatening to appear.  I think he was more shocked than hurt at the new feel of teeth.  I decided to keep course blending for him but continue giving him finger foods until he is quite comfortable with chewing and swallowing.  That is why it is called Baby Led Weaning (BLW) not Mummy Forced Weaning (MFW).  He is also threatening to crawl and he is quite mobile.  I can’t imagine how it will be when he starts crawling!!!

HFCK announced rights issue on 1 for 1 with a cost of KES.5.

This is good for people like me who owns the shares.

Access Kenya IPO oversubscribed by 300%!!!


2 thoughts on “Good Day

    1. I have come from far, haven’t I? Thanks for that trip down memory lane! You wouldn’t believe you made me go back to the old posts. Quite heart warming… 🙂

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