Post Election…..

These have been very tough times for Kenya.  We have gone through things that we only used to read on news about other countries.  It has really shocked many about what kind of a country we can have overnight if we are not careful.  For some reason, we have actually managed to live through it, and Kenyans have come together in ways you cannot imagine.  It reminded me of the bomblast time.  Anyone who follows news remembers that day very clearly, being the day that Kenya was hit by terrorists, just because we host the Americans, or whatever other idiotic reasoning they had.  We have gone through therarpy as a country, as individuals and God willing, we shall come out of this even stronger.  Our leaders have agreed to get a solution that will prevent our country from plunging into further turmoil.

That having been said, a new trend has actually come up.  I can

  • call it post election syndrome. Nowadays, we are not paying for anything due to the post election violence. I have not even paid my rent due to post election violence. I wish I could help you but post election….. yes. This is the Kenyan way. They survive in any situation, and that is why even this one is no different. They have found a way to make money post election. Soon we shall have T-shirts that are post election something. But I say Hey, if it helps us get through the tough times, then lets go ahead and use it.

    By the way, I still am not feeding my son solid food due to post

  • election skirmishes… he he he


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