Getting Organised

So I have been saying that I shall develop my column and it has taken me the better part of this year to get my act together.  Major problem being that I have started full time employment to supplement my household income.  To be able to do this, I think I want to word process the columns until I am able to do a continous job.  Anyway, I think this is never easy, so I shall do what I have been doing for the past very tough year, take one step at a time.  Very cliché I know but before you go through it, do not judge my statement.


What I have been trying to do is get myself organized.  When I started working, you could have confused me with a dead beat or as we Kenyans like to call it a Shao Mama, who just got themselves a job in the up market.  I am beginning to get the hang of juggling, and I want to include this column to the juggling act.  About one and a half years ago, I came up with a house maintenance system (I am purposely avoiding calling it “housework”) which after the big move slid and I was not using it.  I have just dredged it out and updated it quite a bit.  I will try and follow it up and see how that goes.


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