How Much is Kenya Vested?

“Those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know”


Its only a day before the US elections and the whole world is watching with bated breath.   If you ask anyone’s opinion, Barrack Obama is going to be the next US president.  This does not however mean that they have not yet developed ulcers from tension or are not going to spend the next 24 hours or whatever time its going to take for a winner to be declared fasting.


Here in Kenya, our situation is not only compounded by the fact that Barrack has his roots in Kenya, we tend to believe that once elected, this brave man is going to bring major changes to our country.  I am not yet aware how this is going to happen, but one thing we can all hope for is that once he is elected, some commission reports may be passed as well as our leaders seeing that change could be in the air.


I watched one of these politically incorrect shows and the presenter was saying that its about time this thing came to an end.  It started in 1966 or thereabouts with Martin Luther King Jr. and if all goes well, it climaxes with Barrack Obama becoming the next US president.


Could this be possible?  Could Mr. King’s Jr.’s dream be brought alive by a US citizen with Kenyan roots?  Isn’t this very big for our country?  We can only hope………


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