Rest in Peace….

“All perceptions of truth is the detection of an analogy” – Henry Thoreaux

Before we begin our celebration, I feel I owe Mr. King Jnr. the greatest gratitude ever.  And I want to take a moment to say to him, “Rest in Peace, my Brother, Rest in Peace”.  If there was a second heaven, his just arrived today.

Now, back to my own celebration! Kenya, more specifically United States of Kisumu voted yesterday and yes Barrack Obama had won!  Today’s victory was just to cement that fact.  This is so big for us Kenyans that tomorrow has been declared a public holiday.  It is so big that projections are that our tourist revenue will not only go up, what with Obama’s paternal home being in the now infamous Kogelo Village, but the fact that the guy is of Kenyan origin.

Good things are about to happen.  I don’t know what yet, but as my Darling Husband likes to say, “Change is in the Air”.  Oh, and he has always been right!


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