Big Boy

BB has reached a stage which his dad thought he had probably passed or
is not in a rush to get there. The “No” stage. This, my fellow mums
will understand and agree with me, is the one where everything is “No”. And its not just plain “no”, its “No”, said about three or four times, followed by “Not Yet”. Do not ask me where he learnt the “not yet” bit but it sounds quite cute until you want him to go to sleep at night and its about midnight, and he wants to watch his favourite show, which recently has been “The Night Garden” and woe unto me if it is followed shortly by “Tractor Tom” or “Me Too”, and then there is absolutely no reasoning with him. At such times, I seriously consider withdrawing cable TV or other such drastic measures, which obviously cannot be acted upon at midnight.

He is however our joy and what is most amazing is what he has been able to teach us, which lately I have been thinking is more than we are able to teach him. At this point we are just glad that we have been able to share time together as a family than anything else. With ups and downs, I do not think any of us would exchange it for anything in the world.

And obviously I am the luckiest one, with two great men in my life


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