Michael Jackson

I was first introduced to MJ by my Deskmate in high school. My high school girls know who she is but for the fact that she is a quiet and reserved person, I will leave her name out of the post,. Ok… give her a name “sweets”. When I first heard of MJ, I really did not care much about him, but after looking at her lyrics books (which we tended to have in highschool), I realized that I knew quite a number of his songs. And quite liked them actually. That was where my love and admiration of the man began.

Then came the scandals. Every time I heard the scandals, I wept. Not because I was going against everyone who thought that he was guilty, but because all I saw was a man, pursued like prey, by millions of us who either were too jealous of his success, by others who did not have much to do with their lives, by others who did not know what to believe or by others who just wanted a piece of the action, aka his money.

I had come to like this man so much that I had requested the love of my life (the internet guru too) to collect for me all his songs in forms of video, and package them for me. Everyone around me knew that I considered him my hero. I saw so many of us in him, struggling just to do right, just to fit in and in some weird cases, the innocence with which we trust people who then end up betraying us.

Fast track to today. I got to hear the news of his passing from the same love of my life who till today, has never given me my complete collection. Truth be told, he has done quite a wonderful job of collecting, but it did not feel like it when he gave me the news. (considering it was supposed to be for about 3 birthdays ago), the only time I knew what I wanted for my birthday and I voiced it out.

My first reaction, shock, light headedness, deep sorrow, and surprisingly, the funny twitch I had in my eye actually disappeared, which is a topic for another day. Suddenly I had all these images from high school days introduction, to all the scandals, to me crying for the way I thought people picked on him aimlessly to the fact that this guy who is my world having not collected for me my videos to the weird sense of peace for him. It was so mixed that I could not even respond to my son, who is my world, because I seemed to go into a trance.

What I currently feel is it’s a pity that they will now look for someone else to pick on and probably make them go through the same hell that they did MJ. I also fee great annoyance that the same people are somewhere being seen saying what a wonderful person the guy was, forgetting what they did to him. Why is it that we wait for someone’s demise to say that we loved them or they were good people?

Its very unfortunate that he died a day before my son’s birthday, so I will not weep as hard as I would like to. I need to be there for him, bake him his cake and cook for him chicken, and sing the loudest happy birthday I can muster. After all, he is now a “big boy” as he would like to believe. And I will have a story of a legend, who touched my heart, in life and in death.

Why is it that we enjoy when someone else is going through hell, and thinking we are glad we are not the ones? Why is it we are so keen on believing everything that the media people say as gospel truths? Kenyans, didn’t we used to have better lives when we used to live as clans? Why did we decide to adopt the western cultures? All I currently have are whys’, with no answers. Wish we could just come together and heal the world and be passionate as the King’s Earth Song’s presentation. Maybe, if nothing, we could just possibly start to listen to his songs, not just as songs, but as messages that this guy tried to send across us, and shame on E Entertainment, who thought that he made a wonderful butt of their jokes. Shame on Them!

Sweets, we loved, we lost but the best part of this is we got to share the most perfect works of art the world has ever seen.

In conclusion, I will quote the love of my life, who likes to say that life is an act. You are either on stage or in the audience. Some of us are very good at pointing fingers at the ones on stage, ridiculing them, secretly hoping that we had the courage to be on stage.


One thought on “Michael Jackson

  1. This was quite moving. Missed it back then (did not know this blog by then) but was led here by your link the other day. I usually consider MJ to be the greatest entertainer. Apart from his videos, what you also ought to be collecting is the live shows, they were just out of this world. I think I have all his music (audio) in case you ever want to exchange notes…

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