The Road Less Traveled

“The road less traveled’, how many times have we heard this saying?  Apparently, this road is the one that is supposed to liberate us, set us free, show us the best that life has to offer….

Yet, most of us will not select this road.  Why is that?  Is it that as human beings we are too scared to explore?  I don’t think so because when you really think about it, there is no one more inventive than the animal called ‘human’.  So again, the question is why?  Why is it that 1% controls 99% of the world’s wealth?  Are they more special than the 99% of the population?  The answer is they are not any special.

We could start by saying that our current society has something to do with this.  Our parents, (no blame on them) told us to work hard and be doctors, or lawyers, or pilots.  But how many of those positions are available compared to the population distribution?  Our media is full of heroism and the need to scare the world shitless (if you pardon the word).  You are shown failure and wars and rumors of war and with these images bombarding our otherwise brilliant but fragile minds, then we have no choice but to run and hide in the crowd.  Where we shall not be picked out easily or where the spotlight will not be on us.  We want to be on the safe side – which in the end is not exactly the safe side.

So, for the 1% who have decided that they do not need to conform, what can we learn from them?  One thing I can tell you for sure is that they are as scared as the rest of us.  Some decide not to give themselves choices.  They say, its either this or am dead.  None of us want mortality – at least not before we achieve one or two few things that we have set out to.  Others are born dare devils, so they will go for the untested, untried.  They are really not planning to kill themselves – or so we hope.  They are trying to add a bit of excitement in their lives.  Others eliminate choices from their lives, aka burn their bridges.  With these harnesses gone, they start from the ashes and work their way from there. 

What all these people have in common is one thing ‘Faith’.  Faith in the natural.  Faith in the supernatural.  Faith in their forefathers.  Bottom line, faith.  They take the leap, in hope that by the time they get to land, there will be either the next stone to step on or some sort of soft cushion to support them.  They will not always land softly, but in the end, the bang that they produce can be heard by all of us and at some level, we admire them for actually taking that leap, and wish and hope that some day soon, we shall have enough courage to do the same, to “Take the Road Less Traveled”.


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