Are You a Morning Person?

I know, to be very effective, you are apparently not supposed to ask leading questions.  But since this is about me, I am asking a very leading question.

First of all, I am not a morning person.  Lets establish that from the get go.  How do you know this, you may ask.  Talk to my family.  They will tell you I am a very different monster in the morning.  And don’t advice me to wake up to a cup of coffee to kick-start my morning.  These caffeinated drinks do not work with me.  My morning wake up time is usually 6:30 a.m. and frankly, I prefer to be alone at this time, to collect my thoughts, and to analyse what I have to do for the day.  So, when my whole household decides to wake up at 6:30 a.m., it can turn out to be quite a nasty morning.

Take the other morning for example.  I have said over and over again, that my family is my world.  I will drop anything I am doing for instance, when my now three year old son asks me to wipe his fooshie – that’s his nose.  Not that he cannot do it, but he just wants me to do it because he said so.  On this particular morning, I am busy trying to tidy up the kitchen in an angry knotted face at these people who decided to “invade my place of zen”.  He, of course, being mummy’s controller goes all out and yells that he needs his fooshie taken care of.  I  of course am already pissed off, so I totally ignore him.  Now at this point, he goes into a tirade of how I should do this right now and I of course am deaf to all this.  What I think then happens is he decides that since mummy never takes this long to wipe fooshie, she must have gone deaf in the night and he goes ahead and takes care of his business and continues to play on the floor with his toys.

Now, there is my partner in crime.  On any other day, I am relatively patient to say good morning with a smile but since this is an interrupted morning, I grunt a very hasty good morning and hope that I am not engaged in more conversations like “guess what the news was about” or “you have no idea what happened in last nights bike race”.  Unfortunately, he is a very cheerful person and he goes ahead and engages me on this, until he realizes that I am just granting about, not really participating but more of just playing along and he will go ahead and ask “hon, are you ok?”  And I come up with one answer retort, “I have just woken Up”. And him being the darling he is, he will say “oh, ok”. 

At this point, breakfast is ready and I am feeding my son, after DH his tea, which I also asked him grumpily whether he would like.  Oh, and since now I am slowly starting to boot up, I begin feeling awful for not being more participatory in the morning running around and conversation to the two people who put up with my very annoying habits.  After everyone has been served, I go and take my morning shower, trying to come up with ways to pacify my otherwise very understanding family.

Am all dressed up, and I get out of the bathroom smiling and hugging everyone and making up small talk, hoping that they have forgotten what a grump I was that morning while all the time wondering what happens to me in the morning.

So, to rephrase the question, “What Time Person are You?”


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