The Devil Must be on a Break!

Today is not like any other day.  First of all, its cold in my city.  This is a city where temperatures sour up to 30 degrees centigrade.  Today must be about 22 degrees or something.  This brings me to my second point.  It’s a Monday.  It is a well known fact that Mondays, especially for Kenyans are the hardest days of the week.  For  a day that comes after a weekend, we have very unhappy Kenyans.  And do not tell me its because they had very heavy weekends.  Believe me, even if all they did is attend a church service and then go home, or they decided to sleep in and listen to the service on radio or television, they will almost always feel and look very harassed on Monday.

So, take this particular Monday for example.  Its not only boasting to be the dreaded Monday but it is the coldest one ever.  On such a cold day, for some of us who are glued to our keyboards, it can get quite punishing.  First, we have been taught at typing school that for the world to respect you, you must hit typing speeds of 120 words per minute, and that is on a bad day.  This is thus a very bad day because, no matter how fast you try and type, you cannot seem to get past the 50 words per minute mark.  The figures are not only sluggish but they somehow seem more swollen than on very hot days.

It does not make matters better that your bosses expect you to work your tail off since you have had a big break, so they have 30 pages of typing material to be cleared by lunch time.  Its 10.00 a.m. and your fingers have not even began opening the Microsoft Word package, where all the great typing is supposed to happen, let alone go half way through the typing work.

I decide that I am going to beat this cold and demand my cup of morning tea, hoping that this will warm me up in preparation for super sonic speed typing, to clear the 30 pages in time.  It of-course does not come because for some insane reason, on this very cold day, there are no lights in the building and we are not lucky enough to have the back-up generator.

Its 12:30 p.m. and I am now completely in a panic because I cannot seem to move ahead, so I decide in order to warm my otherwise freezing hands, I shall post about this cold, and since my head seems to post faster than my hands, I am hoping that by the time I clear this, I will be in a better position to at least complete 10 pages of the 30 that have been allocated today.

Surely, this must be the devil punishing us for all the evil things we say about him and trying to show us how important fire and by extension warmth can get.


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