The Comeback

And so it came to pass.  The harried farewell for Michael Jackson took place.  It was a rather beautiful ceremony for all the controversy.  And as I sat there watching, listening, observing from the comfort of my living room, so many thoughts ran through my mind.  Watching his casket laid out like that, I couldn’t help but feel sadness at how it all looked vain, for a man with such passion, to feel so helpless.

Then it hit me!  Wait a minute, “This Is It!”.  This is his big comeback!  He is not actually helpless, he is exactly where he was supposed to be.  The sadness is just all us.  This is his last performance.  And for a man who was an eccentric, I could not help but feel amazed and amused at the same time.  This guy definitely has style, down to the last minute!

And as Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records branded him “The greatest entertainer that ever lived”, the smile returned to my face.  This is also the best performance of his life (and death).  He even has the house debating a resolution to honour him as the greatest humanitarian of all times.  To quote Smokey Robinson, “he is going to live for ever and ever and ever”.

I feel grateful for the work Kenny Ortega did in the planning of this whole event.  I am also grateful for having passionately shared in MJ’s life and I have an icon I can tell my children and grandchildren about.  There truly is nothing that cannot be done if we truly raise our voices as one.

And as the last songs are sang “heal the world” and “we are the world” I look up and smile.  I am sad that his daughter Paris and her siblings has to grow with out a dad, and completely moved by her last words, but I am very certain that even at his final performance, MJ is glad he had the opportunity to be with his children and is proud of all of them.

Way to go MJ! Literally!


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