Tour De What?

For the people who know me well, I am truly not a sports girl. I will not go woo when there is football or soccer. I will not shout arsenal or Barca when the world is going on about it. But for the sake of humanity and the ones around me, I have taken to watching one or two interesting sports here and there. And anyway, it will balance my writing.

I came home to the screening of Tour De France, and while I have never been patient watching riders go for over 200 kms cycling, there was a very interesting theme for today’s Tour De France. To start with, the likes of Armstrong were not looking to win the race. I was curious as to why they were not breaking away from the pack, as it is apparently called, and my very resourceful source told me that it is not winning the one race that counts, but more the points acquired, and that is the reason why Armstrong will not break his back rushing to the front, like today’s winner Frenchman Brice Feillu, a first timer on the great race. I was completely impressed by the young man’s tenacity to dashing up a very steep hill, and I was disappointed to learn that even if he was first at the finish line, he was not going to grab the “yellow jersey”, which is what every participant has been coveting.

What was also impressive was the fact that Armstrong stayed with his teammates, encouraging them throughout the race till the finish, even while one of his teammates decided to break away. To tell you the truth, if I was that known, I would always make sure I am at the top, but then again, I have never been known to play well with others. Too competitive  apparently.

All in all, the current winner of the “yellow jersey” is Rinaldo Nocentini. His predecessor Fabian Cancellara was quite beaten, finishing way behind. He however looked content enough for me not to worry too much about him. Lance Armstrong, being the great sportsman he is, is currently 3rd overall, while in second place is Alberto Contador. Full results are on the Tour De France website.

It appears I will start loving sports with time.


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