Peas from Potatoes?

I had avery interesting conversation with a very serious individual. It so happens, Facebook, no matter how serious it wants to look, can never been taken seriously. Why you ask? Apparently, there is too much drama that happens on Facebook, including all the break-ups and make ups, hook ups, and anything in between that is not supposed to be seen by anybody who is supposed to be giving you serious business (emphasis on serious).  And this serious individual was a bit rattled because a serious business partner wanted a connection on facebook.

To some extent, I agree. Look at LinkedIn for instance. Everybody has come to agree that if you need serious business relationships, then that is where you want to post your serious profile. I can even bet that some friends that you have on LinkedIn may not necessarily be on Facebook and vice versa. If you truly think of these two community networks as similar, why is it then you will separate the peas from the potatoes in your plate?

When I was first introduced to Facebook by a very good friend of mine, he mentioned that it is a place where all drama and fully loaded entertainment will be. The same friend recently introduced me to LinkedIn and true to all other observations, his peas and potatoes were clearly separated (and so were mine). Don’t get me wrong, there is no problem in this, just trying to put a point across, to those one or two individuals who think that I have it against Facebook. When you want serious business, go to LinkedIn. When you want some bit of fun, then Facebook is your thing.

And to my very good friend, thanks for always getting me out of the dark


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