The Difference Between Remembering and Obsessing…

It has taken a lot of soul searching and careful consideration, and after knowing that this post is going to be accompanied by plenty of criticism, I decided to go ahead and write it.

Everyday I wake up, my heart always weeps for what we had to go through during the post election period.  I cry for the families who lost their loved ones, I weep for children without parents and I cry for what our land had to go through.  For those of us endowed with what I will refer as hindsight, we can feel the earth still tremor with sadness.

Having said this, I come back to the reason for this post.  In my opinion, what we have started doing is more of obsessing.  We heard.  We went through mourning.  We have gone through the initial stages of grieving.  I believe that its time to start healing.  But how can we heal when all we hear is what happened then?  Does this incident deserve the “Lest We Forget” caption that we keep giving it?  Aren’t we just opening up wounds that require healing?

What are we trying to tell ourselves?  I believe humanity is more powerful than we give it credit for.  It is one of the species who, if a virus came, 25% of the population will survive.  So shouldn’t we be trying to tap into this amazing capability? Move ahead?  If the coming elections still find us in the state that we were in post elections, will be in the state of mind to make proper decisions?  Politicians always using this time a calling card should in my opinion be considered cowards.  They refuse to let us heal and use our pain to bring themselves undeserved glory.

I pray that we all wake up and discover that the human race only grows stronger.  Kenya is no exception.  I say that weeping time is over.  Let’s rise and blossom as God intended us to, and boldly tell the ones trying to drag us down, Enough!  We have our own minds, and please let us heal.


2 thoughts on “The Difference Between Remembering and Obsessing…

  1. I think these sentiments are more relevant today seeing how the issues of the PEV are now being used to advance selfish agendas of the politicians from both sides of the divide! PS: Don’t worry about what I am doing on this post in 2011, I like reading stuff from the archives!!

    1. Yes, I thought that looked like an old post… 😛 I agree. It was both a current and preemptive post that I wrote with passion and a lot of bravery and I’m grateful you sent me back to my own archives. I have always had a rule. Not to follow agendas that are ill thought of or reek of selfishness. Probably why I felt so strongly against the National Anthem fiasco. But that’s just me. Again, thank you for reminding me what I am capable of forgetting. 🙂

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