Small Investor Confidence

First of all, I would like to clarify that I am among the small investors in Kenya.  I have seen and helped my friends and family invest on various occasions and I know that when I decide to invest, most likely I have juggled so many other pending expenses in my mind, tried throwing a few out, postponing others and holding others back, in hope that my investment will return enough to enable me pay the expense and leave me with extra cash on hand.

Having said this, I am among the people who are commending the government for their effort to compensate investors who lost their money through the fallen brokerage firms.  Currently, it may not look like much, or it could also be a political gimmick.  We’ll bite.  I am even going to pretend that they really care about the “grassroot” Kenyan to think about compensating them.

The reason I am happy with this move is that, while we are always complaining about our country and how sometimes we have it badly, we are still faithful and hopeful that something good is going to come from all this.  The government deciding to compensate investors upto Kshs.50,000 is encouragement enough for someone like me who still believes there is hope and I promise you, I shall still take my compensation money, and take it to the Stock Exchange.  Online trading is coming. Surely something is to be said for that.  For now, I will move to the next broker with my compensation money, say that I could have even lost it for good but for some reason, God saw my hard work and thought I deserved a chance and gave me back my money, and the same God is going to give me wisdom and courage to invest it again and in the process, I can learn a few lessons of life.

To those of you out there who still are not sure you want to invest in the Stock Market, take your time.  Think it through but remember, the best place to invest is at home.  Cliché as it may sound, I still believe in it.


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