Who Are You?

Everyday, over a period not exceeding our lives (hopefully), we are always trying to answer the ever elusive question of who we are. We get so absorbed in our daily activities and the people in our lives that we do not realize at some point that we are actually not living our lives.  How does this happen?

This starts right from when we are kids.  We think that our friends are having it better than us because they have watched the latest episode of He-Man (clearly, I am old) on their colored TV screen. Us, not wanting to be left behind, we shall try to emulate what the “elite” are doing and imagine if we go flying around like them, just like they saw on the screen, then we perhaps could reach them.  This does not end when we grow up.  It goes on to when we become teenagers, and on to adulthood.  There are people we look at and think if only we had what they have, if only we could acquire that swagger, if only we could get the job that they have, or perhaps that fancy car, then our lives would be as good as theirs.

What we fail to realize that while we are busy admiring other people’s lives, either other people are admiring what we think is minor achievements or we are letting our lives pass us by. We look but we do not see. We hope to improve ourselves, not realizing that any improving to be made on our part can only happen if we first answer the ever elusive question. Who are we? With this not answered, we try to improve who we are not.  This of-course means that we improve our perception of who we are, until we realize that we do not like what we have become. Then go back to the drawing board.  Unfortunately, some of these steps have to be passed through, so long as we are not trying to – to use a very not appropriate word – Copy someone else.  Having it in the back of our mind that what we truly want is to discover ourselves and work towards this, then the journey could be greatly reduced. The mistakes that we make along the way become valuable lessons as opposed to frustrations.

For in the end, the least we can do is spend our entire lives discovering what makes us tick.  It is a more worthy cause than some of the otherwise unnecessary cause we may find ourselves undertaking, all in the name of the feeling of belonging.  We can never belong if we do not know where we really need to belong to.


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