Part 2. The Journey Begins.

You may think that this has taken way too long to come but believe me, it required consultation from the mother aforementioned together with other close (well kinda close) relatives to enable clear the cobwebs that have accumulated over the years, together with the ‘City Girl’ attitude that I have found myself indulging in.

Well, the journey begins. It is important to note at this point that the now cruising highway that greats us was non-existent then.  We were on the kind of road that first, you made sure that you were not wearing anything white, that is if you knew what was good for you. Since I had never been known to really worry about how brown my now best dress was going to be so long as I went to the big city, that never bothered me.  Suffice it to say, that the road itself was all dusty, potholed with a few smatterings of tarmac, which we counted as a blessing since to us it meant that someone once cared. We don’t know who but they did, enough to ensure that there was some form of tarmac.

On this very wonderful, bumpy ride, the most exciting thing was looking at electricity poles and trees swoosh by (oh the wonders of innocence). It was divine. It looked like the whole world was on the move. We competed to count the electricity poles. If you are wondering who ‘We’ refers to, these are the other children who we have managed to strike instant friendship through shared bananas, sweets and probably some not very ripe mangos. Not only did we compete to see whose side had the most trees, we also competed to see how many trailer trucks we could find.

By this time, our parents are deep asleep and the only noise in the vehicle is of the rumbling juke box (seriously it was too big to be called a car stereo) and our screams counting something or the other and once in a while, after we have shouted ourselves to exhaustion, we sit down to share goodies again, and the cycle begins. Not for long though because by the time one and a half hours are gone, and at this point we are very close to the city, our parents are now wide awake and from exhaustion, we are snoring soundly.

It is now our parents turn to see whether they can coax our sleepy heads up with promises of city lights and fries.  We try so hard to open our sleepy eyes. And when that does not work, there is the usual pinch that will be granted to us (of-course under the cover of squashed seats) and at that point, all sleep is gone. You cry a little and then realize that you are actually in the city and all that is behind you.  With mouths open, we marvel and the wonders of this place and while we part ways, we are promising each other that one day, we shall be living and working in this heaven of a place. Be Careful of What You Wish For.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must make a few phone calls to those childhood friends to find out how we went about Shopping and the City Food.

Tune in for the last Part.


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