It’s Not the Act that Matters, It’s the Intention

A very dear friend of mine narrated a story that really touched my heart.

One day, in his college hay days, he was walking back to his hostel dorm from class. He decided to pass through a short-cut, which, while it wasn’t the cleanest in the block, it always seemed to give him time to think. One of the physical features on the said shortcut was a not so large garbage dump.

On this particular day, there was a young man, busying himself with looking or was it sorting out garbage, probably looking for something to sell, which is normally newspapers and bottles. On seeing my friend, he waved his hands and asked whether my friend could offer him a cigarette. Now, it should be noted that my friend has never smoked in his life, and he doesn’t exactly condone the habit. You would naturally think therefore that he would get irritated and ignore the fellow, after all, the fellow wasn’t exactly that clean. My friend, graceful as he can be, told the young man that he did not have any, and continued walking.

Now, the most amazing thing happened. A short distance from the rubbish heap there were some shops. For no apparent reason, my friend stopped and bought 2 cigarettes, and actually turned back, all the way to the rubbish heap and called the young man and gave him the cigarettes.

Whatever you think of this story, it comes up to so many conclusions and lessons. For me the lesson was, it doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you do it with a clean heart, you will touch people whether you know it or not. Blessings will always come your way due to your positive actions.


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