And The Rain Came

By Base

I was outside when it started drizzling my first thought was to get back to the house, but my feet were dragging and then I wondered. “Why is it that we are programmed to head for the nearest shelter the moment rain even threatens?”  So I just stood there feeling the drops get heavier. I then got fascinated by how the impact of the drops is so soft despite falling a very long way down.  The more I stood there the more I was convinced to stick it out.  Well, in my mind I was going to duck the moment it got too much but I never did.

It got heavier and I got more relaxed and excited.  I had broken a lifetime of programming.  It was a beautiful site to see visibility go down and then for the first time, I realized rain drops actually tasted of dust – dust! Imagine that all this talk of fresh taste is actually dust.  Well it subsided before I got truly soaked.  My hair was wet, my sweater sleeves, my soaked feet were slushy and some water was beginning to drip inside the clothes.  But I was smiling after it ended. I saw the rise of the “Rain Flies” flying up to the street lights and I thought, why do we respond to nature with such fear, rejection and negativity? It has such wonderful stuff unveiling all the time.  Why do we run from the rain, yet we spent months crying for it?

Then the fragrances started.  the first was a sweet air-freshener-like fragrance.  I wasn’t sure where it was coming from, but I suspected eucalyptus since I couldn’t think of any other plant.  After some time another appeared.  This one I knew.  It was the smell of roses.  It should be noted that I’m not a fan of rose scent, but this was different. Maybe the setting.  After some time another one came up.  I couldn’t place it, but after a while, I thought it smelt like a blend of the first fragrance and something else.

That’s when I thought of you and your herbs.  What if you got ideas from the scents in nature? Somehow find a way to let nature mix the scents for you and then you try to figure out how to replicate the blend?  That took my mind to the place you’ve been wanting to live.  With greenery, trees and best of all a variety of plant fragrances.  It was a beautiful picture and I wondered where we can locate just the right place.  What would we do with ourselves now that its likely to be cut off from our usual comforts?

Well it was now time to go.  I wanted to tell you in person but thought it wiser to let you enjoy your quiet session.  When I got back of course I changed out of those clothes, which you must have seen hanging to dry.  All the while, I was thinking I was glad I did not run.


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