File Update

He got a call from Wendy last week. They, well, they have a history and it’s been a while since they last spoke. Jamie met Wendy back in his hacker days when he had no care in the world and spent quite a considerable amount of time penetrating systems. Even reputably secure ones. She’d been having some system trouble at her place of work and was terribly stressed. When they talked he told her that he could sort her out with a file update and if she felt so inclined, she could go work with him. She couldn’t leave her job because there were aspects of it she was truly crazy about, but the file update was a welcome idea.

Now she wanted to meet. Jamie wondered whatever for, but was eager to see her all the same. They arranged for Friday evening and it came sooner than any one of them could have imagined. Jamie had some reservations associating with the likes of Wendy due to some clauses in his current contract, but what the heck she was one of the best hacking partners he’d ever had. She even used to help him break into some particularly difficult systems through some clever social engineering. Now seating across the table she looked exhausted.

Jamie’s company used to be open source the last time they hang out. He could distribute his software and give file updates hither and yon without anyone raising eyebrows. Ever since he was bought out two years ago, the situation has changed. One of the clauses in the contract was that his software was now under private license and could not be distributed freely. Of course, Wendy knew this, so Jamie understood her difficulty when she uttered the words, “I need a file update”. He had half a mind to send her packing. He was happy where he was and did not wish to risk being kicked out. But things being the way they are, he couldn’t help but think back to the days when they first met. She looked almost like this. She is with a different employer now, but I guess old habits die hard.

He had to sort Wendy out. That and something of the hacker in him relished the idea of breaking the rules. She must have been counting on that. He told her he would help, but only because she was someone he held dear. They paid for the drinks and headed for her office. She said her boss would be out, so they’d have the place to themselves. When they got there, they wasted no time in setting up the connection. Despite the time apart, the connection still worked brilliantly and Jamie initiated the file transfer. He could tell long before it was done that the update was working since he kept getting these positive status updates. When they were done, they disconnected and put everything back in order. Now Wendy had a smile on her face. He kissed her goodbye and headed back to his office. Jamie just couldn’t shake off this feeling inside him. He began to worry about his future. The hacker in him was awake once more.


13 thoughts on “File Update

    1. Hahaha! This is the point where you start seeing how people’s minds work. What do you think we are talking about and why?

      1. I decided to get help from twitterverse and here’s the first possible answer:

        “Exactly that! Jamie, a privately-owned software, hacked into Wendy…lol” (from @wambuipinj)

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