The Year That Was

And the year came to a spectacular end. It was a hell of a year. Roller coaster ride kind of year really. We laughed, we cried. We loved, we lived, we lost.

In the beginning, it was a very unsure year. Not knowing what to expect. Whether the year would be a fast one or not. Then as it progressed, lessons begun to be learned. I lost a hero in the process. Even when the loss seemed too difficult to bear, his music and kindness echoed through my heart, and for a moment, everything was ok. I gained friends. Strengthened existing ones and in the end, I was in a much better position than I was in the beginning of 2009.

Am happy. Am sad. Am nostalgic, but best of all, I am hopeful. The year starts with such promise and am glad that I get to be part of another anniversary. Not because I have a myriad of plans and resolves for the year, but because I am alive. Right here, right now and there is no greater blessing than that.


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