My Boots Were Made for Walking

My boots and I were made for each other.
They have been faithful to me for the spell we have been together.
Often, my friends laugh at me when they see what am wearing.
They don’t understand that my boots and I keep each other company
On days when we are both so weary, we cheer each other up and onwards.
They have seen me go (literary and figuratively) through the toughest times and spots.
Yet they stay with me, urging me on, even when am at fault.

I walk to work, come rain come shine.
My boots carry me, through the paddles or the dust.
Someone said that the reason they love their boots,
It’s because their toes feel like 10 friends on a camping trip.
I never looked at it that way,
But that is yet another reason to love my boots.

When I get home all tired and weary,
I throw my boots with sometimes the utmost disrespect.
I jump to bed and do not turn till morning.
Then morning comes and I go looking for my boots.
I find them waiting for me, with a smile and a shine,
Ready to lead me to yet another productive day.
That’s when it dawns on me afresh that,
My boots and I were made for each other

For as long as my boots and I have each other,
My boots and I will keep on walking.


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