After-School Fun

The reason I am on this particular post, is not so much as I have something extraordinarily brilliant to write about (I can be brilliant at times).  I am just tired, heavy day, and the first thing that comes to mind is my good old after-school primary school days.

Most of you already know that lately I have been living in my yester years. Simply because life then was so pleasant that I want to re-live that for a bit, and don’t anybody go raining on my parade. I know I am all grown-up and as such, I have a responsibility to build the nation.  That having been said, today I am re-living my after-school primary school hay days.

Good days those were!  I remember school ended at about 4:30 and no it’s not a coincidence.  This post comes to me round about that time.  You see, what used to happen, we packed our bags at about 4:20, leaving only one book on the desk, mostly for appearances sake, (you have got to love our brilliant little minds), that is, having made sure that the lesson for that evening was not maths.  You all know how my maths teacher was.  Quite touchy that guy, if you ask me.  The reason for packing our bags that early was because we needed to catch the cartoon hour, that came round about 4:45 (correct my times if I am wrong, all ye oldies out there), the station having opened at 4:00, with the national anthem, a prayer, Jacqueline Kamonya (or some other flowery presenter) and a rundown of programs for the evening.

Our work was get into the house, right about when the cartoon hour was commencing.  You could not afford to miss cartoon hour, because it meant missing out on the following day’s show and tell. This happened over break, where we discussed the events of He-Man or Sheila or Danger Mouse (insert all those brilliantly done cartoons), and if you did not watch the previous day’s cartoon, then you were better off dead, or hibernating, or pretending you had a bad headache and needed to go home long before break time.

Today? I don’t know what kids discuss. Do they even have break time I wonder?  Right now, I have over 6 cartoon channels on my TV, and these are the ones that I have been able to surf to, and it only includes pay TV.  On such occasions, I am glad that I am some kind of old timer, and I had such an exciting childhood!


10 thoughts on “After-School Fun

  1. I used to love cartoon hour. My favourites were Dexter and Power Puff Girls.

    Just kidding! lol.

    Ah, those days of Flintstones, that scientist guy with a house that used to hop (I forget the name)… et al

    Good times.

    1. You had me worried there for a bit re: Power Puff Girls. Yeah I know! Good times those were! Why did we have to grow up? Between you and I, I still love cartoons 😀

  2. The Groovy Goolies! Nowadays the kids watch cartoons all day, play playstation, eat sausages and grow fat. I don’t recall my mom ever making sausages for us, those were things you ate in the restaurants. Now it is a fight if such are not stocked in the refrigerator! Oh, and we ate three meals a day, nowadays anytime someone feels hungry,they dash to the fridge to see what’s there. We complain but continue providing them with the lifestyle!

    1. You have no idea how sad I feel to know that kids will never know the fun and appreciation of small things that we had! Real games! Getting down and dirty. Proper food and as you said, at allocated times! Do you really think we can be able to instill some of these things if we tried? I fear the influence from other kids/parents has our hands tied in most cases.

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