What’s In A Blog?

Quite a lot apparently. I know what you are thinking…. now she tells me! If it is any consolation, that was my exact reaction; `now they mention it’. According to experts, blogs have become a way for us to communicate who we are to the world. Scary I know, considering we always want to present the best part of ourselves to other people. Not to say that we want to be considered perfect. Just that we do not want to be misunderstood or present a false image from what we intended in the first place.

It is important to note the day you decided to expose yourself to the cyberworld is the day you started gaining funs as well as stalkers. Scary huh? Especially when you think of stalkers and all those monster stories you have read and heard about them. The stalkers I am referring to are not the bad ones (well, at least I hope they are not). These are people who, unbeknownst to you have been following or reading your blog posts. Funs on the other hand are people you know and interact with in your or their blogs and you can almost count on them to throw a thought, warranted or not, about your post.

Before I get all lost in the preaching, what I am trying to say is no matter what you want us to believe, it does feel better to know that people are actually following what you are writing or what your opinion on different subjects is. To make it easier for funs and stalkers to keep up with you, there are basic things that you can do. First of all, layout is key. Don’t make your visitors jump through unnecessary hoops or links or images before they get to the juicy part, which in this case is your post. Lay your blog in such a way that it is up to them to look at everything else, once they have established that you are a good writer. Simplicity is key. Follow and Comment other people’s blogs. You have a chance to include your link in their post, and with luck, their followers or stalkers could become yours as well. As a blogger, you cannot afford to be a stalker. Visibility is key, unless you are using your blog as your personal journal (which is another post entirely). Don’t Depress people all the time. Life is a challenge as it is, and what your visitors are after, for the most part, is encouragement, or at least a smile.

Stop taking Sabbaticals. I am not saying that you need to post articles every few hours (you wish you could right?) or every day. Just be consistent. Once a week. Once every fortnight. Once a month. That way, your visitors will have a feel of when to expect a post from you, which happens subconsciously by the way. This, to quote my excessively eloquent high school English teacher is to mention but a few, of ways to keep us hooked.

Now don’t go thinking that I am oblivious of the fact that some days our brains feel like cotton fields and simple tasks like spelling our names become a nightmare. So if you are not in a position to;

You could try;

The idea is to keep us locked on to you. Don’t get us wondering to other blogs because we are aging while waiting for you to clear the mind’s cobwebs.

Your question then remains, what am I doing to live my gospel? First, I shall become less of a stalker (I bet all the above had no idea I follow their wonderfully choreographed blogs) and become more of a fun. A follower really, so excuse me while I go start implementing. P.S. The above list is a small selection of people I stalk. I will let you in on the rest soon enough.


20 thoughts on “What’s In A Blog?

    1. I agree. We forget that while quick conversation are held on twitter, it would be best to use twitter as a marketing tool. Busy or not, I feel that we owe it to our readers to make the effort to keep blogging. Hope no one will come poking my eyes out for guilt tripping them! 🙂

    1. At least some good came out of guilting you lot! 😀 Don’t worry, you are in my following list, so stalk me all you want.

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