I’m Not Scatter Brained. I Promise.

You may think you know, but you have no idea. What this statement has to do with the post? Absolutely nothing. I’ve always wanted to use it in a public sentence.  Anywho, the other day I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine, which arose from the question, ‘so what do you blog about?’ You can imagine the blank look I gave him. He even started checking whether his tie was in place and picked his teeth some. Little did he know the look was an indication that I had no obvious, straight answer to that question.

See, like many Kenyans, I love fads (I have not yet opened a clothes stall. Did you notice I said yet?). I do believe that life should be lived like that. Spontaneity. Not closed up. Not locking yourself to one particular thing. Most people would call me an escapist. Scatter brained even. I prefer the kinder phrase of ‘analyzing life with a chuckle’. See if I am analyzing life, then how am I expected to just stick to one particular subject? I tend to float with what is current and happening at a particular time. If nothing interests me, then I go to story telling. Still think I’m an escapist? Imagine yourself locked on to one subject, then you realize that for a particularly long time, you are bored with your pet subject. You then leave blogging for sometime, until the mojo hits again. Me, if I am bored, there are always childhood stories to tell. Worse comes to worst, I can actually concoct a very good fairy tale. Yes, go ahead and call me brilliant.

Now you can understand why I gave my friend that extremely blank look and we experienced the 3 minute awkward silence. Why is it that those 3 minutes always look like 2 hours? And yes, they are 3 minutes. I have gone through so many of them, I have actually collected data and time, to, with authority, verify it is an average of 3 minutes.

Back to what is rocking my head these days. Technology. No, I am not a geeky, techie, who wears large-rimmed glasses, but I do love good technology. How would I not, when I am able to express myself through it! In recent times, it looks like Nairobi, and Kenya as a whole is having an explosion of the said technology. Something I have not seen in my extremely long, flowery life. And, that is why I am hooked onto it!

Take the example of the current iHub Nairobi launch, that happened recently. That created so much buzz that everyone was excited to just mention or to be seen to know about it. Me, I did not attend. Myriad of reasons, one of them being the fact that it was hosted at night and I am afraid of the dark. But that’s neither here nor in this post. Still, being in this Tech-life crisis that I’m experiencing, I followed the whole event through streaming. What is streaming? Ok, seriously, I don’t even know where to begin explaining that to you, but just know it’s is a cool way of attending events, yelling your head off without looking silly, in the safe, comfort of your living room. In my case, it was the bedroom.

The event was quite something! Anyone doubting that we are headed somewhere as far as Technology is concerned, only needed to attend or watch that event, that brought some insanely brilliant minds together under one roof (I imagine that cannot be easy, considering major egos and testosterone in play and the need to show off, but that’s just my imagination), and to see the harmony and participation from the said individuals, to feel the warm rush of anticipation of major achievements yet to come!

I mean it when I say ‘yet to come. The amount and magnitude of events planned for this year as far as Technology is concerned, I get the feeling that we shall soon be plotting for a trip to the moon! There is first the 1% club event, slotted for Friday 12th March 2010, a one day event, which, I really think you should plan on attending, unless you are tied down. Literally. Then, there is planning going on around Barcamp Nairobi, which, according to what I have gathered so far, is threatening to be a 2 day event, yet to be decided. Groovy! (Who uses groovy anymore?) See what I mean by Technology is the rave? Still think I have issues?

My friend doesn’t understand me, never has, but he seems to understand this hop-about-blog concept, so I’ll keep at it. For your information, this post was composed at about 00:00 Zulu. For the non-sailors, that’s 3:00 a.m. And the alter I was working with that night (I have quite a number of these alter-egos) mentioned that when you are writing, write from the heart. Nothing else matters.


7 thoughts on “I’m Not Scatter Brained. I Promise.

    1. Would it make you feel better if I told you that it is just Geek-Life Crisis and “this too shall pass?” 😛 It truly is fun though, while it lasts.

    1. There are those born with geekiness. Those have an easy time with it. Then there are those of us who have to really struggle to sport it. Wa! I have actually started defending geeks! Lost cause I have become!

    1. I know a few sailors, that I can send after you. They are very unkind btw, so watch out. And don’t you ever use the scared-of-the-dark card to threaten me in any way, otherwise…..

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