Panic Stations, Panic Stations!

I’m panicked. Don’t even ask why, well, until I stop hyperventilating anyway. Pass me the paperbag please….

You see, the reason why I am hyperventilating is I have these friends who just won’t let me be. Under normal circumstances, I never worry because, as my ever trusted friend (I think we should now name him. From now on, he shall be Base) Base, likes to say, I am quite slippery. And I am! The first time he said that to me, I did not talk to him for about 3 hours. That is record time, as Base and I are total partners in crime. Whether we meet or not, we are always in constant touch (think every few minutes). With the age of technology, it has become worse. Maybe I should marry him, but I am told that will spoil everything. I doubt, but that is another story.

So anywho, as Base would say, I may not be able to slither out of this one. Point is, my other friends may not be as tolerant as he is. When I started blogging, I did not care how many times I did. I could go for weeks, even months, not having blogged and I was blissfully happy, as I was sure my reader base was not missing out on anything *read missing me*.

Then the other day happened. Me and my sometimes very unequivocally large mouth decided to get on my high horse and inform all the blog neglecters that they were slowly earning their one way ticket to hell if they did not revert from their sinful ways. I even went ahead and blabbed that I intend to blog every two weeks. Well guess what, it’s been almost over two weeks, and no amount of slapping my face around, banging my head on the wall (please note I am a very literal girl) or chopping off my hair is getting me material to post on my blog.

I am panicked. Where is that paperbag again?

While I go and get myself together, I really need to know what the secret to continuous blogging is. Most likely you don’t know. I don’t blame you. But what better way to hoodwink you than to make you think that I am actually awaiting your response? This might work for the next two weeks, right?

If base goes ahead and makes one more snide remark, please be wary of any unclaimed bodies lying beside the road.


3 thoughts on “Panic Stations, Panic Stations!

  1. It seems the trendy blog topic lately is Blankness. Yours is the third Blankie I’ve hit in a week. Something’s truly sucking the mojo out of my favorite story tellers. My number one suspect is Twitter. Perhaps you could try Twitter rehab? 🙂

    1. Sigh. Just what I was afraid of. I will get real tips here and I will have to implement them 🙂 Worse still, I already know that Twitter is killing my mojo! But somehow, I can’t just get away, no matter how hard I try! There must be a support group out there….. 😀

  2. LOL! Be easy. . . . As Kalengi has said, quit twitter for a while. Then maybe your blogging resolve would come to pass. In the meantime, try not crack your skull up. 🙂

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