Is Riding a Viral Video Sustainable for Your Blog?

I have to warn you, you may want to catch that axe right about now, before you start reading. I am not here to burst your bubble, but really to give you my thoughts and experience.

I love Kenya. Mainly, because of what I had said previously. This might be the only country in the world whereby anything has the potential to go viral. I kid you not! From blogging, to shopping, to shopping stalls, to food and recently to the Ha-he (Makmende) Video by Just-A-Band! (Grab the axe now….) I do not think anyone knew the power of Kenya’s copy-catting, until the Makmende phenomenon went viral and was featured in Wall Street Journal. There is a positive thing for a not necessarily positive trend! (be honest, we were all hoping to promote our blogs on this one) My friends, fellow bloggers and I really rode that wave and we all had the greatest laugh of the week in the process! For a moment there, we were in the world map, and for something solely generated by passion, entertainment and pure ingenuity!

Then comes the following morning. (Not necessarily literally) Your site has gone viral! The hits are enormous! You are famous. The pressure mounts! Teren teren…… You are asking yourself, is this sustainable? How am I going to keep up this new found fame and ‘fortune’? Good news is, you are not alone. Bad news is, the hits will reduce and it is not a guarantee that your next post will drive the same amount of traffic the viral one did. More good news is, you shall enjoy hits for a long time, long after your viral post, and it may be attracting more hits than probably the next 5 posts that you do. You can be sure that the in-bound links and the buzz created around your blog will continue to happily attracting traffic long after you are gone (to other matters that is…)

I am telling you, with the most serious face I can muster, don’t worry about how to sustain your new found fame. Forget the pressure to put up another post that will attract as many hits. Chances are, if you were able to ride a viral wave, you are a good writer already. Keep at what you have been writing, and feel the writing. You may just come up with another post that will keep the permanent visitors coming. Oh, and don’t forget your social network. Nothing successfully and easily turns posts and sites viral than the social media. Don’t feel shy to tell people to RT your posts, especially if you are confident that they are good posts. Don’t also beg for RT’s or hype a post that you are not completely confident with. You are better off waiting a while until you feel your post is killer, before campaigning for it.

So, until the next Makmende Video or the next viral wave that we shall all be ridding, happy creativity. Creative or not, know I do care about your writing right?


4 thoughts on “Is Riding a Viral Video Sustainable for Your Blog?

    1. Agreed. Unfortunately, there is no magical way of knowing how to ensure that you are riding the wave the right way. You just dump your surf board and hope to catch the high waves.

  1. I became famous once with the SA Xenophobia post, reporting from the ground, but I failed to sustain mainly because my blog is a joke and I had that one viral post. Should have rode the wave while it lasted.

    1. That’s the greatest thing about viral content. No matter what your site is, you can still acquire hits. The next step is consistent blogging. I’m stalking you – oh sorry, following you by the way, so please set out a new post ASAP! No pressure 😀

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