A Tour About Nairobi

Did you know that there is a tourist attraction round about KICC? Wipe the clueless look off your face. It’s there. Right atop the KICC. You pay to go up there, and you are given a tour guide. What possessed me to go on that tour? Curiosity. I have been of the opinion that in the midst of all the noise making about politics and our city, we have really been missing out on the beauty that has been effected therein. Someone mentioned that you can actually climb to beyond 27th floor of the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, and have a great view of the city. Me, being the practical *read don’t believe till you see* person I am, agreed, really, to prove them wrong more than anything else. So, imagine my shock when my group of loiterers and I were told that we needed to pay Kshs.150/= per head. I am always out to humor people, so this was no different. I, with the largest smile I could muster, said, ‘go ahead! Pay. We have come this far anyway’. What happens next? After money changed hands, a tour guide was summoned from some back room, and yes, she was all in uniform, and we were told she would be our guide.

By now, I am stifling laughter, and trying very hard to ignore my group, who, shamelessly go ahead and make all sorts of snide remarks, including how it is difficult to take a lift from the ground floor to the 27th floor of Kenyatta International Conference Centre, and that was why we were allocated a guide. Patiently enough, our guide takes us way up there, and, maybe it’s in my head, the pressure up there is quite different! It’s like being in a plane (I would imagine). The view? Spectacular! You can see all of Nairobi from up there! Wish I had my binoculars, then I would have seen some individuals having their lunch. It was about lunch time, so that would have been hilarious! And the guide does a good job of explaining which building is where (oh don’t laugh at me, from that height, sense of direction goes out the window!)
Suddenly, my group of clowns had fallen silent, and they were in agreement, money spent there was worth it! Me, I was just glad I had the opportunity to experience the fresh air up there, and to sheepishly look down, thinking to myself, this would have made a very good essay of “What I Did During the Easter Holiday” wondering why I never take time to tour the city.

P.S.: There is a helipad up there. Apparently it hasn’t been used since 2008. I have grande ideas for it.


12 thoughts on “A Tour About Nairobi

  1. That must have been awesome! I didn’t know people could go there.

    Here is what was going on in my head when I first came to this page. Somehow I see the photo first. I’m thinking how did she take that photo? Ah, she googled it. Then I read KICC on the first line and get a hint. I want a Nairobi photo of my own, can you take me there? I’ll pay your fee, just leave the clowns behind this time 🙂

    1. You my dear are the leader of all crowns! A tour can be arranged, especially now that I am well vast with the air up there. Hoping you don’t intend for me to carry you or you or go dizzy on me. Believe me, the photos are amazing. This was just one I selected. We’ll discuss the fee and I promise to leave the clowns behind 😀

    1. Haha! I doubt KWS would dare get their claws up there. It’s crowded already, so it must be a government initiative. A good one, I must add. And NO it is not a park where you go to see humans! sigh 🙂

  2. congratulations, on the trip up there, will try the same one day; two things i. i thought it was 100/= & is it receipted? ii. helipad has been used by mutula & alfred mutua to promote Nairobi skyline

    1. Hey. You mean I was conned? 😛 No, I think the costs must have gone up, what with the economy or whatever excuse they give, and yes, it’s receipted. If the helipad has been used recently, our guide must have been on leave that day because she was so certain that it had not. It is a wonderful way of promoting our city and I’m glad Mutula and Mutua recognised it.

  3. Good to know one can get up there. Ignorance is a bad thing. Should try it some day. But I am afraid of the ‘fresh air’ that makes one loose the sense of direction 😉

    1. At least you never know you have lost sense of direction. But really, you should try it. Wait, you are not afraid of heights are you? I can hold your hand 😀

  4. Sounds wonderful! Never knew this. Do you reckon someone can take kids up there? Not a particular fan of heights but can give it a try

    1. It is wonderful! And surprisingly safe, so yes, you can take kids there. You might have to close your eyes though… It is rather high 🙂 Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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