Friends are Friends For Ever

Dear readers, please indulge me today, as I get out of my comfort zone and do my analysis of what seems to be an almost impossible item to acquire, well at least according to me.

I have discovered, the hard way mostly, that this thing they call friendship is very complicated. It is unfortunately not as straightforward as we would like it to be. Looking at someone, you never can tell whether they are truly your friend or not. But then how do we find ourselves real friends? That friend who will always listen to you, not judge you, nor have ulterior motives.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to go about this. I have come up with formulas, chemical procedures, pie charts and even graphs, and they all fall flat on my face. I kid you not! So, I have been left with one conclusion. You have to scour through the nasty mud, and hope to God that you don’t hit quick sand, or drown in your quest. You may ask, then why do I want to go through this process? Well, because you are human. As humans, we need each other. To pick each other up when we are down. To celebrate, genuinely, when we are victorious, to just be there and babble with us, to share in our warm and cold moments.

The most interesting bit is that the friend you are looking for could be right in front of you, but you probably have been ignoring them because you imagine you are better than them, you are more special than them, they are not as hyperactive as you are, they do not have the correct job or their physical features are not what you have always imagined a best friend should have. This potential friend could be your next door neighbor, your colleague at work, your better half, the social media person you have never met in person but somehow you seem to click or even that person you seem to be sharing almost every day of your morning transport with.

Be kind to people. Do not disrespect them or humiliate them in public. Treat others like they are as human as you are. When conflicts arise, pray that you are able to settle them amicably, and if you cannot, please let the friendship die with respect.

So trudge on, keep looking, and when you find that one person who really seems to listen, understand, care even in the least bit, be with them. Respect them. Do not take advantage of them nor take them for granted. Do not feel bad when they need time out from even you. Just be there and care, as they care for you. Friendship is two way. In my experience, one way friendships never go far.
And to my Best Friend, thank you for listening, caring, sharing in my successes, catching me when I fall, welcoming me back when I was never worth it and for the warm hug that I sometimes don’t deserve.


6 thoughts on “Friends are Friends For Ever

  1. I find the word ‘friend’ complicated. For example when does someone change from being a casual acquaintance to a friend? However, there’s no doubt as to the type of friend you’re referring to. They’re worth their weight in platinum πŸ™‚

    1. You are right. It’s a very complicated phenomenon, but once you can differentiate between an acquaintance and a friend, and you have the friend, it’s one of those once in a lifetime experiences. πŸ™‚

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