Call Me A Dreamer. Next Stop: Ojai City, Ventura County, California

I haven’t yet hit writer’s block. I being averagely brilliant though, knows that there comes a time… (complete the sentence, Saitoti style countrymen) and it’s bound to catch up with me at a very nasty time. So in my ever so many research endeavours, I decided to check out how people handle this block. The list I came across was 50 Lists to Write to Lift Your Spirits. I decided to actually give it a read, I might just come up with something!

After tons of laughter at the prospects, I decided to give the topics a test run. Better now than the block later, right? I had a choice of the following list, which one at a time, got dismissed for the stated reasons (in italics):

  • My favorite things – they are quite crude really . . .
  • Acts of kindness I have committed – base looked at me clueless when I asked him to name just two, so I’m letting this one rest for now
  • People who love me – I have been receiving very unkind eyes lately, so that one is quite hazy, no pun
  • Favorite gifts I have given – most gifts I buy people, I end up spending a few days with, and I do not want to let them go, so this is more of a pain
  • The places where I feel completely comfortable to be myself – No comment

That left me with one, which I thought might head somewhere, The Place I would Like To Visit. Actually, this is more of a place I would like to live! That would be Ojai, Ventura County, California, 93023. Not Newyork, not Disneyland, not even Neverland! From what I have gathered so far, it is a lovely, calm community based town, that has managed to maintain a very high sense of culture. It has a history that dates to way back when…

Apparently, Ojai means Valley Of The Moon. Cool huh? The town was laid out in 1874 by real estate developer R.G. Surdam. That is really not what caught my attention. History and me? Well, let’s just leave it at that. What was so interesting was the Yoga, meditation…well, a rural town with the fun of working amenities, family like community. Remember the way I said I want to live upcountry? This would be ideal. They even would like to have their own currency! A complete all round economy. That would make it in my opinion, my favourite upcountry spot, only self-contained.

Everything is organic. Everything has a history. Their newspapers, televisions and radios are online. Did I mention this could be your average upcountry place?

For the sake of not watering down the place or avoiding misplaced facts, I shall leave it at that.

Hey, that did not go too bad. I might just consider the other topics, I could come up with something read-worthy!


8 thoughts on “Call Me A Dreamer. Next Stop: Ojai City, Ventura County, California

    1. Isn’t that the reason you like me? I can dream and you can create the pictures in your head? Then we can all travel together in our heads. Saves time and money. 🙂

    1. Thank you Tyler! That would be my dream come true. I shall keep reading up on Ojai, in anticipation and some more day-dream! 🙂

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