For the Love of Car

I love cars. Really, I do. That doesn’t mean I am the fanatic who goes around (no offense) screaming how many horses a car carries under the hood – come to think of it, horses? I’d think cows or better yet camels would be a better yard stick. Make no mistake. I am going to judge the car you are driving. Thoroughly! Not that I will throw about the jibberish cc things that people know, or the model or the make. Chances are I will confuse a Vitz, a Duet, a March or any other small tuk-tuk like car. But the good news is, I shall never confuse a Subaru Legacy for a Toyota Corolla. You know, those saloon ones. Why? Because I know how a Subaru sounds. It has so much attitude you can hear it from many miles away. Did I hear a sigh of relief? That’s where my love affair with a Subaru probably ends.

Now, the car of my dreams. Prado GX 5 door TD 2982cc diesel engine. She has cat eyes and an amazingly beautiful behind. Other than the football field sized interior and enough leg-room for my averagely long legs, she also sports Hydraulic Power Steering, Steering Wheel with tilting adjustment, telescopic adjustment, tons of mirrors, ground clearance of 220mm, wading depth of about 700mm, compartments that allow tons of hiding places (kinda like my current handbag), I am not even counting cup holders and bottle holders, safety features like I wouldn’t believe (all the ABS, EBD, TRC, VSC, airbags spewing from everywhere), adjustable everything, standard sound system that I may not need to upgrade, full-time 4wd (you have never visited my shags). P.s: Please don’t break my daydream trying to correct me on the above specs. I like living in a bubble as far as this car is concerned.

Where did I get the stats? O Come on, I love this car. Its the only car I have ever been faithful to. Being faithful means knowing the love of your life inside and out. And this car and I have been in love for ages. We were meant for each other and we shall so be reunited, as it was meant to be. Its in the stars. Yes, I just broke into song.

This is a tribute to the car of my dreams. No matter how many come along, I shall never rest till you and I are together.


16 thoughts on “For the Love of Car

  1. I am not saying anything about your shags and that there are no flat areas only hillsides so steep that you fall out of bed at night and that your house moves downhill a few cm every night. No I am not saying anything like that at all.
    Then what is this about space? My boss once gave me a lift and regretted it immediately since my knees were resting on the dashboard while I was seated in the back. You know in the boot? Then perhaps I am too tall for it. Maybe. But I fit in a Sub just fine. Heh.

    1. Nikolas! How dare you defame my shags! Ok, maybe you are right about almost every point, but still! O and I did not say the car is a miracle worker! Your legs still need to be outside any car. Even the Sub! So, you do not make a good case subject. 😀

  2. Oh No!!! We couldn’t possibly have been formulating posts on our desired cars!!! huh… good stuff, now let me hurry to post mine! Eeeeh… and I still don’t really like yours LOL!

    1. You know you love my car Zack. No matter what. O wait! I know, you are jealous. Understood. You can call it a Lexus if it helps you sleep at night….. I want to see which car is competing with my baby, so hurry up and chapa that post!

  3. Don’t make me save up another 3yrs to buy your dream and win this cash flow like challenge. sob, sob, sniff. I was just about to buy a little toyota.

    1. She’s a beaut. Worth every effort and save. Call me up when you go collect her. Hopefully I’ll have collected mine before you and I can give you a ride 🙂

    1. Sigh, madam! I see I still have a lot to teach you! The behind of a car is everything! (hope no one heard me say that) Once you are finished learning, ask me for pointers. 😀

    1. Trust me, you are not clueless. So long as you can name a car make and model, the rest of the gibberish comes when you decide to own one. 🙂

  4. I also love cars.

    But I don’t like ’em big cars. I think the biggest car I’d go for would be a Nissan X-Trail.
    Now thats a car!!

    Lakini the prado is indeed a spectacular beauty!

  5. I could bust a bubble on some of the specs but since you asked, and am nice like that, let me not. If I listed my fav cars, Prado wouldnt make it to top ten. however….*Ian Mbugua pause here* it still is a kick arse 4WD. Want a road test? 🙂

    1. Haha! For your information, that note was specifically put there in case you landed here and were looking to step all over my dream car! And yet, you still managed to! Heh. Well at least you still agree its a kick arse car. That definitely counts for something…. Now about that road test, I shall be speaking to you sooner than yesterday! 🙂 Least you can do for trying to trash my baby!

    1. I know, right? Supremegream is the harshest! Hihi. I also laughed tu sana! Thanks for stopping by my dear Wanjiku 🙂

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