How to Kill a Rat

Don’t you love the fact that I sometimes smoke very doubtful substances that make me come up with the most ridiculous titles? This one unfortunately, someone suggested to me. A dare, that this was one topic I couldn’t come up with material to write on. Now, you know I hate being dared to do something. I hear it’s called ‘ego’ or some complex that scientists have yet to name. Maybe they should call it ‘carolkmail complex’. Then that would make me feel super duper nice! A week later, I have enough babble to sort this title out.

It has been suggested that there are numerous ways of killing a rat. These include but are not limited to sitting on it. Now, had I been a relative of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, I would probably go for charming the little creatures into River Tana. Obviously, that is not an option at this point. I’m sure you all can come up with a rough idea of how to kill the real one, so knock yourselves out here.

The rat we are looking to kill here is the proverbial one.

The rat in question is self-doubt. How many of us are paralysed by this particular phenomenon, so bad so that you are even unable to get out of bed? Or you are so scared of an outcome the best you can do is stall to eternity, procrastinate to oblivion or overthink to death, a particular idea or an otherwise easy project? Unfortunately, I am constantly a major victim of this particulary annoying rodent! Deep down, you know you have to get rid of it, but somehow, you choose to ignore it, sweep it under the rag or cover it in some cloak, in hope that it will go away, and what happens? It keeps peeping at you, and you are scared all over again!

Why am I comparing it to a rat? It gnaws on you. When you are sleeping, when you settle down to a relaxing meal, when you are deep in mediation, hell it will gnaw on you on your bathroom break! Get rid of it! How? Use cliches if you have to! Say, what’s the worse that can happen? The I live once policy? Try it. Another one is putting your ego on overdrive. Well, at least until you can overcome the hurdle. Just tell yourself you are the best thing since Superman! You can also put a picture into the self doubt. If you think you are an idiot, picture yourself wearing an idiot’s hat. That will get you laughing so loudly it won’t matter any more. Doubt other people but never yourself. Always remember that you have enough individuals out there ready and willing to put you down. You don’t need you taking up that role. Stop fearing the unknown. Remember when you were a child and it was so easy to get into things? You could get into riding a bike even if you knew you could fall, but you did it anyway? As hard as it sounds right now, what with your brain cemented in place, it is possible to get back to that place. Just get to work. If you have an idea or a thought process, embark on it. Don’t focus on 5 years from now or the problems you might encounter. How does it help you if you kill yourself with fear of the problems you might encounter and encounter them anyway? If you had an idea, chances are you thought it was divinely inspired. So get to it. Handle obstacles as they come.

P.s: The above ways of killing this particular rat have been gathered from various geniuses and amended to suit this post. I am grateful to them.

Disclaimer: The ideas and suggestions herein indicate how my brain operates. While you may be in doubt about the state of the said brain, it has worked quite well in a number of projects in my life.


9 thoughts on “How to Kill a Rat

  1. Hi there 🙂 I like this: “Always remember that you have enough individuals out there ready and willing to put you down. You don’t need you taking up that role.”

    In other words: Stop voting for the competition!

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