Love vs. In Love – This Idiot’s Perspective

‘Love is like the sun coming out of the clouds and warming your soul’

I promise you, my brain is not turning into goo. And no I am not going all mushy on you with this one. You can get on Oprah’s couch if you are looking for mushiness. This is the deep scientific, non-understandable screw your head over leave you sprawled in the ground, reeling, breathless, against the subtle, I want the best for you, I know you sleep with your socks on and drool too much in the night not to mention the maddening snore, love comparison. You’d think I know better than to try and analyse this kind of madness. Well, I actually don’t but we already know that right?

According to my research, and I researched hard, all 2 hours of research (What! That is way too much time! Dog years if you will, for my 2 minutes concentration span!), there are so many kinds of love and love styles. It doesn’t make matters easier that they have all sorts of complex names like Eros, Ludus, Storge and many more. My most unfavorite is Mania, which is described as highly volatile love or obsession, fueled by low self-esteem. While the definition of love and love styles on Wikipedia works as a brilliant starting point. The general belief all round seems to be that “love” is when you care about someone else’s happiness as much if not more than you care about your own. While being “in love” is a whole other irrational ball game that makes no sense and doesn’t play by any rules. You feel it deep down and you may also find yourself acting in very odd ways. I have come to the conclusion that the best description can only come from you, and your experiences, as unique as they are.

Now, believe it or not, I have experienced the knock the wind off you, leave you breathless, panting for days kind of love (real ugly, in a magnificent way, I tell you). I have also experienced the other one. You know, the one of you snore like that tonight I shall suffocate you with the pillow kind. No, no, no! I didn’t suffocate anyone. Almost did though… (story for another day). I have experienced deep connection with friends that I never thought possible. That is another form of love in my books. I have also experience the love of having your heart walking around in the form of a tiny, most hilarious individual. What can I say? I am lucky. What I choose to do is interpret different forms of love the best way I know how, as I come across them. For truly, we are humans. Different in a great many aspects. Prone to all sorts of interpretations of ideas.

So go on, take time and analyse what love/in love is to you and stick to it. Test it. Re-analyse it. You’ll be surprised that we are not too different in that respect. And yes, once in a while, I stay off the illegal stuff to get all grown-upy and analyzy on important stuff *insert a figure of a dark-clothed lanky military faced individual here*


6 thoughts on “Love vs. In Love – This Idiot’s Perspective

  1. Am loving this!

    My definition of love is mostly based on two verses in the Bible (yes! Bible!) namely
    1st Cor 13:4-7 and Mark 12:31 (The greatest commandment)

    When it comes to my partner, these play along but definitely more love (like the one you mentioned “knock the wind off you, leave you breathless” hehe!!

  2. LoL! I can relate to the snoring part. I woke up in the middle of the night to find wifey looking at me with a calculating expression…holding a pillow.

    But I get where ut at with the love thing..and I try hard not to analyse it for fear it may kill the magic of the emotion and the experience.

    That’s my 5 cents (adjusted for inflation)

    1. I promise you, it was not the first time she had contemplated just dropping that pillow on your head, accidentally and sitting on it, accidentally, for good measure! 😀

      I hear you about analysing Love but if you live in your head like me, you tend to swirl things around up there, just to get a grip of things, try to convince yourself you are not going crazy.

      Your 5 cents, adjusted for inflation insert a bribe for me agreeing with you, kind of, seems to get to 7 cents, so you are good. Watch out for the wifey though. I am giving you good advice here. 🙂

  3. Ha ha haa… Clearly you smoke some illegal stuff at times… But love is a big thing… which I try sometimes to avoid commenting on, coz it seriously disappoints as it excites and fulfills… what can I say… Love is, true love for me is relative to Jill Scott’s Family Reunion [] … a family, of relatives, friends, associates in all… 🙂 hiyo ingine eeeeh… there is another song, What is Love by Haddaway… []… musically speaking.

    1. *sigh* Now you go all poetic on me while trying to avoid commenting! I knew it was a great idea to ask all you lot amidst my smokes what you think! Love is the only thing that can be described as both exciting and disappointing! I even dare say exhilarating and deflating! 🙂

      O and that “What is Love by Haddaway” song? Hehe. The end.

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