All Stars All What?

Yikes! Big Brother! The last 3 have been complete disappointments, so much so that I almost canceled my subscription, just to punish DSTV (how now? You ask). I have been known to do stranger self punishing things, to punish others. So, when the Big Brother All Stars was announced, I threw a shoe at my minuscule TV (did I mention I love my TV to death even though you need a magnifying glass to view it?).

For some strange reason, plus me being relatively human, I was curious. Especially since it promised to be an all Star House! Come 18th July 2010, 8:00 p.m., and, like the other almost humans and humans alike, I got myself some glue and stuck myself in front of my Minuscule set. A walk-through the house and I was all drools. Warning: You do not want to be near me when I do drools. That, coupled with the fact that the evening entertainment was provided by the one, the only Sean Paul (sporting a Mohawk! I kid you not!), didn’t hurt a bit.

Anticipation in my house ran high. Everyone was hushed to ensure that I do not miss even a single line of make-up of the said celebrities. They came in, one after the other, the housemates to include:

Mwisho – Tanzania, Jeniffer – Mozambique, Paloma – Zambia, Munya – Zimbabwe, Code – Malawi, Yakob – Ethiopia, Sheila – Kenya, Sammy – Ghana, Kaone – Botswana, Merily – Namibia, Udi – Nigeria, Lerato – South Africa, Hannington – Uganda, Tatiana – Angola

It is important to note that though we were expecting a completely different set of Stars, we were given previous Big Brother housemates. I am reserving my harsh comments here. Did I mention my poor TV suffered another shoe attack upon this observation?

Whether out of nervousness or inexperience (O come on, I didn’t say I can do a better job…) presenter Eku was not hitting all the proper notes, but as the show went on, she did up her game. Ike was not shabby at all. He’s all grown up in this presentation gig!

Now, after the excitement, the 91 days start counting today. As I said earlier, the previous 3 Big Brother runs have been major disappointments. I shall be watching the All Stars one intently, to see what, other than the killer décor has changed. *Insert Anton Ego’s (Ratatouille) voice here* Pray you don’t disappoint me!

Note: Happy Birthday Nelson Madiba Mandela. Let this day respectably be Nelson Mandela International Day, as per the United Nations Declaration.


13 thoughts on “All Stars All What?

  1. Thanks goodness I missed it!! Watching the last 3 big brothers has been as interesting as watching paint dry (though for some reason I don’t mind watching paint) but let’s see if this will prove me wrong and distract me from the kawaida political soaps

    1. O paint is interesting to watch… This one shall be the proverbial straw. I have been waiting for an excuse to yank that cable! You have missed nothing, I promise you!

  2. I see i am not missing anything from dstv.

    By the way did you know we are already at the 4th episode in the 15th series of Top Gear? Take that dstv. and you.

    1. You horrid horrid person! You had to go and upset my happy world of I rock with Top Gear? I shall set the puppies on you! Now, about that Top Gear…. hehehe ;;)

    1. You my friend, are the first positive watcher of the current Big Brother! I shall be coming to you for ad hoc updates! 🙂

  3. i was seriously disappointed…n honestly,dstv isnt giving me my moneys worth except 4 my cnn,bbc n other business channels….raw deal…guess al support Sheila just coz she is the girl who lives upstairs in our apartments n 4 being the sole kenyan BBA contestant who had fun in that hse b4…

    1. I suppose all you lot (me included) are getting spoilt by the internet, and the vast options it is providing. Unfortunately, DSTV is not catching onto this fact fast enough, and you can see NiKoLas’ comment above, he clearly is not missing much as far as entertainment is concerned. You are allowed to (selfishly) support Sheila for the reasons mentioned above, though I doubt she will last long. 😀

    1. Haha! I can understand that thing of Big Brother being massacred. You join most of us, who wish DSTV would do something to provide better viewing material.

  4. But I did watch the opening show and I catch a snippet here and there every once in a while.

    DSTV needs to style up and give people their money’s worth.

    1. I know, right? She had our collective undivided attention up until! P.s. I shall ignore the fact that you only chose to dig up the pic of her in the shower…. 😀

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