Killer Entertainment Gone Dead

Having grown up among boys, I was introduced to rough games and entertainment that would make any young girl squirm. It did not help matters that I was taller than quite a number of boys my age, so they did not really consider me a girl. Well, up until physical features started sprouting in odd places. Part of the entertainment that we enjoyed most was Kung Fu films, Jet Li movies and horror movies. I’m saddened to see boys nowadays glued to Mexican Soaps and such like entertainment.

Horror movies were the kind that we betted big to see who would watch the whole movie with their eyes open. In return, you skip being a goalie for a week, or got the first turn in the village ‘Black Mamba’ bike for 3 days . While I tended to lose quite a bit on these bets, I did enjoy the movies (no I’m not sadistic. Well, for the most part). They were the kind of movies that gave you nightmares for 2 months. I however made sure I didn’t wake up screaming (its a skill I assure you) in the middle of the night lest mum asks me why I was screaming. On days I got tempted to tell her what the problem was, I got handsomely canned. I think the strength and dedication she invested in the midnight canning was mostly punishment for disturbed sleep than breaking the ‘no horror movie watching’ rule.

Which brings me to the question of the day. What happened to this kind of entertainment? I know what you are thinking…. how many heads can get chopped, or how far can you extend the summers of ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’. I am also well aware that ‘Dracula’ has been bled dry, no pun intended. But surely, forget the bloody nonsense that was ‘Kill Bill’ which had a weak plot and fake bleeds. There used to be movies like ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘The Headless Horseman’. The plot in these movies was brilliant! Did Hollywood run out of killer plots or did making money become so easy, they see no need to unnecessarily invest brain cells?

I’m eternally optimistic. I am therefore hoping that one day the right Hollywood movie maker man or woman will bump into this post and attempt to either answer my question of where the oxymoron ‘Killer Entertainment’ disappeared to (What? I said I’m eternally optimistic!) or just come up with a plot that will make my earlier movie experiences come to life.


7 thoughts on “Killer Entertainment Gone Dead

  1. Did you ever watch Bud Spencer and Terence Hill? Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee? Van Damme vs Bolo Yeung? Its all washed away. But I hope Tarantino will pay homage in one of his classic releases

    1. Yes, yes yes! I did watch them! Thank goodness someone understands what I’m talking about! Wouldn’t it be awesome though, if Tarantino does pay homage?

    1. Hohohooooo I so know how ‘Young’ you were! But you get my point right? Where did the ‘Escape from Sobibor’ like movies go to?

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