Green Eggs and Ham – Of Website Traffic

A story narrated to me by one of my favorite story teller goes: There was this server guy, who was having a very hard time trying to get anyone to sort out their mail, and delete unnecessary/junk mail from their inbox. Threats did not work, and he sure as hell was not going to pick up a whip and stand over their heads to ensure they did the clean-up. He would have loved to, but some of the individuals were his bosses and he could not discriminate by whipping the peers or his juniors.

The surprisingly crafty guy came up with the most ingenious way of getting people to actually look at his mail, and perhaps take him a little more seriously. The contents of his e-mail never changed. They remained the same. What changed was the title of his e-mail. Suffice it to say, everyone wants to look at an interesting forward, especially at times when you feel that you deserve a break. He therefore titled the e-mail, “Green Eggs and Ham”. We all know how that poem goes, and everyone wanted to know what the e-mail contained. It may surprise you to know that while nobody found it particularly amusing that he went and used a catchy title to get them to open his e-mail, the mailboxes were actually wiped clean. His superior made a note of mentioning to him that the only reason he opened the mail was because of the catchy title but he should be careful about misleading people. Not to imagine what our bosses are looking at when we presume they are busy working.

My point? Of course, I have a point! Your post may be the most interesting one, or the most boring one, but the end expectation is the same. You are looking for traffic to your site or blog. Therefore, be very creative, or crafty if you have to. If that is beyond your realm of understanding, you can try consulting your close friends, or if all else fails, use google adwords, include some words from your post, search, and use a title that includes the most searched for words. Simple enough, no?


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