Here’s To Another Year

‘Nothing’s more satisfying than taking stock of a year gone by, appreciating successes, embracing mistakes and acknowledging you’ve grown even just a lil’ bit.’

Already? Seriously? O come on… I don’t even look that old *checking mirror*. Fine! I begrudgingly accept. I am one year older. I think I am wiser too (debatable).

I have had more than my fair share of years of inactivity (hard as that may sound) but this one has been great! I have a rule. Every end of year, I sit down to take stock of my accomplishments. I love myself, so I focus on a notable one, and ride it for weeks. This year has been filled with accomplishments! I have also made wonderful friends. I subscribe to the School of Hard Knocks which has been amazingly successful, simply because I have people who believe in me well enough to teach me new things!

To my new friends, thank you. To my old friends, and especially my partner in crime, thank you for making this year worth every step. Better than I could have ever hoped for. To my younglin’, the amount of laughter, tears and bear hugs I catch with you… I’m lucky. To my readers, thank you for taking time to scan through my rumblings. They may or may not make much sense, yet you give me a few seconds of your time. Lets do another year of this.

As I open a new chapter of my 19th year – huh? What was that? I’m not 19 years old? O, Hokay. Aaaanyhoo…, as I open another chapter of my 19th year :D, all I can hope for is continued blessings, strength and wisdom to know what is right and true, walk the path of justice and light, and be a better person. Wow! I just spat brilliance right there, didn’t I?


8 thoughts on “Here’s To Another Year

    1. You have learnt almost well. You are however still debating me on my correct age, but I’ll let that one slide 😀 Thank you very much for the wishes 🙂

  1. Soon you’ll have to change this blog’s url to kenyan grandmom dot wordpress dot com! But I aint trying to scare you. I realize jokes related to a woman’s age are not funny at all to women.

    1. *gasp* O no you didnt..! See what happens, after a certain age, women prefer to be called by their first name. So all I’ll do is change the blog name to KenyanCarol dot wordpress dot com. I rock, don’t I?

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