To a Perfectly New Dawn

Daima mimi Mkenya, mwananchi mzalendo…

Promulgation, Promulgation, Promulgation. It took me all of one week to this day, to spell that word correctly and three more to say it without the tongue slip. But can you really blame me? It’s not an everyday use word. Yes, we don’t always get to witness history being made, or better yet, be part of the history, and I’m lucky to be alive, to see such an auspicious event and use such a complex word.

Here’s to a perfectly new dawn

We did it. We got ourselves a new constitution. Agreed upon by majority. As scary as it initially was, with tons of fighting as we made our way to this day, we actually did it. We hoisted that mammoth flag on a ginormous pole. I keep saying, and will continue saying so, Kenyans are stronger than we give them credit for, and at the end of the day, we all want peace.

To commemorate this day, we were treated a magnificent parade by the armed forces. All the big guns were unleashed. Here, I completely intend the pun! Look at this; there was the 21 gun salute. I think that thing was a cannon! The amount of smoke it produced, the people firing the weapon were suddenly invisible!

The banner reads: 'God Bless Kenya'

Yes. We actually do have war tankers! Somewhere in Kenya, very well hidden, probably in plain sight, they are there. We also have fighter jets! And choppers! And dear lord! Rockets! Seems Kenya is bigger than I imagined, and it has holes in places I cannot even think of! They wont go into details of how to use the tankers – though I hoped they would, mostly out of curiosity. I mean, you do want to know what the big red button is for, even if you do not necessarily want to push it, no?

To my fellow Kenyans, well done. Don’t you ever let anyone tell you that we cannot do it. We can. We’ve always had potential. Congratulations.


4 thoughts on “To a Perfectly New Dawn

  1. I was watching the ceremony then Kenya and Raila hit the TT worldwide and I was so proud!

    Is it just me or should the song by Eric Wainaina be our second anthem?

    1. There’s something about unified success. It makes you feel you belong to a people and a group who, even for that one moment, are one! As for that song? It amazingly fits in so many situations Kenya finds itself in. I agree with you! It should be the fourth verse of our anthem! 🙂

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