Letting Go of the Need to Control – Not

Once in a while (actually more often than we imagine), something happens to us, to turn our lives right over our heads. In someone else’s eyes, this may look very immaterial. Petty even. But to you, it shakes you to the core. Breaks you down, tears you apart. As if to tell you, it’s time for renewal….

That’s how that post started. Then I looked out the window and I couldn’t believe how brilliant the day was looking. You know those days when you look outside and everything just smiles at you? Suddenly everything looked positively magnificent! It occurred to me! Sometimes my need to control everything does end up killing my spirit. They say you can only control your actions, not how you feel or the consequences thereafter.

From the roof. Who can resist this!

So, this is me. Enjoying every minute of my life. The positive and the negative. How lucky I’m I to experience both! I’m not trading any! Well, chances are, no one would be willing to trade anyway 😀 Speaking of which, since I can control my actions (and we have determined I thrive on controlling things), who wouldn’t want to go take a dip in this beautiful water? Well, this is me controlling my actions! Off dipping we go!

P.s: I do get distracted quite often. Once I can wrap my head around the first paragraph and what I wanted to say, I might just come back to that post. Meanwhile, time to have fun!


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