He Can Do Everything, All On his Own

Yes, I cannot tell you how many times I have rolled my eyes over the above statement. He turned four the other day. Since then, he’s been feeling quite grown up and has adopted this statement from his favorite cartoon character. It goes ‘I can do everything all on my own’. This is the boy who gets so absorbed in his play he needs to be reminded to visit the bathroom (he’d kill me if he knew I said that).

He is determined to show me and the rest of the world that he is no longer a baby. The only thing he wants me to do is read him his stories, but nothing beyond that. Take for example his new bike. He will continue falling off it, but he will not take any assistance offered to him because ‘he can do it all on his own’. He will squeeze half a tub of toothpaste into his tiny toothbrush to show that ‘he can do it all on his own’.

He wants to take a bath by himself, which I once allowed him to, only to come out with patches on his body that had not seen a drop of water, others still had soap and others, well, they looked like they had been over-scrubbed. And with a huge grin he said…..

On Sundays, I like sleeping-in. Him being at the age he is in, sleeping-in appears to be a sign of laziness. He has therefore taken to yelling my name all morning, which will either get me up immediately (or so he hopes) or will get me yelling back at him to stop yelling my name which in essence means that I am not going back to sleep anyway. He wins either way. I am however catching on to his game. I have resulted to completely ignoring him and he is slowly noticing that no amount of yelling will get me out of bed. Just to clue you in, his breakfast is very uncomplicated as he prefers feeding lightly in the morning. He of course knows where his morning cereal is and has access to milk from the fridge. He also knows where spoons and plates are kept.

Last Sunday, as usual, he took to yelling my name. I of-course ignored him. My plan must have worked and I must have drifted back to sleep. I woke up to realize that he had gone unusually quiet, and since I know silence is never a good thing, I dragged myself out of bed, tip-toed to the kitchen where I could hear dishes clattering. To my amazement, he was on top of the kitchen stool, busy mixing breakfast from the counter. The picture that greeted me was splashes of milk everywhere, half the cereal on the table with some bits on the plate. He had used 3 spoons, two cups and half a bottle of milk. When he saw me standing at the door bewildered, he just looked up at me, with a smile he went….‘See Mummy! I can do everything all on my own’. At this point, I did not notice all the mess he had made. Just the cold breakfast that he had gone ahead and made. I was proud of him. I did let him finish, warmed some extra milk for him and gathered the cereal from the counter onto his plate (no wastage is allowed in my house) and sat down with him as he ate his breakfast.

I am beginning to think this kid really can do ‘everything all on his own!’ Who knows. I might just get my peaceful Sunday morning sleep-in session.


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