My Budding Love Affair with the Amazon Kindle

I’m a bushman. Really, I am. I have not been known to take to technology too well. Some people have even ventured to say that I’m afraid of having my brains fried by technology. They are not far off on this. I still, very fondly, retain my old Nokia 1100, which I have threatened individuals with sudden and violent death, trying to pry it away from me (a battle I am losing I’m afraid).

The other day, my neighbours, who I shall remember fondly for a long time to come, moved out and as a parting gift, gave me their entire library. Books that I would not have even imagined buying. Not because I’m stingy as far as money is concerned… well… not so much…. but mostly because I wouldn’t know what to look for. Now this happens to be my idea of heaven. Remember I mentioned I am a bushman? I thrive on nature. In the said nature, other than chewing on blades of grass while watching the skies, I will be found enjoying the company of a book. Good old, turn the pages, smell the characters feel the cover book. You can therefore imagine what a blessing this was! I was planning on buying a sack to carry my library wherever I went.

Sweeping statements that get me in trouble

I went ahead and expressed my excitement on Twitter, and even boldly trashed the Amazon Kindle. To say all hell broke lose would be an understatement. I must have sliced a friend’s ego into two equal pieces. This was a blessing in disguise, though I was busy dodging punches, as you will see.

The debate came of how wrong I was about the Amazon Kindle. I objected, saying that a Kindle is just a gadget for snooty people. Out of annoyance at my ignorance, or the goodness of his heart, my friend offered to let me test-drive his. This is where my world, as I knew it started to crumble! I was suddenly a 12 year old girl in a Justin Bibier concert! All squealy and giggly, running through controls, downloading books like the book world was coming to an end and taking the Kindle everywhere I went. And I mean everywhere. Out to the balcony, anyone can understand, but we are talking bathroom, bed, even shopping! I’m reading like my life depends on it!

The kindle that captured my heart

While the Kindle I have on loan is a 2nd generation, it still has amazing features! First, due to it’s large font, it makes it easier for me to read at speed. It is relatively light weight. Navigation is so easy, you could be half asleep and move on to the next page without even opening your eyes. You do not need a bookmark. When you get tired, drop it next to you on the bed, cover it, it will fall asleep and tomorrow you two can pick up from where you left. While it has no backlight, an advantage to this is that battery life can be quite long, compared to other electronic devices. Not only does the tempting device carry over 2,000 titles, it comes equipped with a dictionary. That means my luggage to the park gets reduced significantly! It has some experimental features like Text to Speech and MP3 player, which means I can listen to music as I read, or have my favorite bedtime story read to me. These are some of the features I’ve been able to explore, within a few days. It was a test-drive, so I may sadly have to part with my new found companion soon.

My future with this one is cast in stone

Don’t feel too bad for me though. I still have about 83 titles, both in hard cover and paperback to go through. I’ll get over the Kindle. Well, at least until I can run through these titles. Thereafter, I might just get myself the snazzy 3rd generation Amazon Kindle. This one, ladies and gentlemen, would drive any insane reader twice as insane. It has features, including but not limited to speedy page turn, lighter weight than its former counterpart, higher contrast screen, slimmer, less noisy navigation buttons, and all experimental features properly fitted in. The handling of PDFs is still wanting, but since the converter is free, I shall not worry much about that.

I am not a techie. I am just your average late bloomer, getting to learn that gadgets might just improve my life, if I let them. I am therefore, at least for my friend’s effort’s sake, retracting the hate speech I had bestowed on the Amazon Kindle, and saying I like what I have seen so far.


16 thoughts on “My Budding Love Affair with the Amazon Kindle

  1. Looks like something worth giving a try. I am always a late converter to technology and I have imagined that if I cannot read a book on my laptop then I cannot read it on anything else. I have always preferred carrying a book on a bus, in shags, at an airport etc.

    1. You and I seem to have emanated from the same time pod. This is exactly what I prefer. I unfortunately have very persistent friends, who believe times are changing and I’m being left behind. The Kindle is a good device, you may want to give it a try.

    1. Out of the greatness of my heart 😛 I shall arrange to grant you a test drive. P.s. Amazon should employ me as their sales person! 😀 Thanks…

  2. I loved the Kindle the first time I saw it. I was still sceptical about e-books at the time, but it was just so cute. Still saving up for mine…

    1. I know! I especially like the idea of having many titles in one device. Means I can vary my reading depending on my mood or time of day 🙂 I think I’ll also get on to the saving plan.

    1. O don’t *sob sob*, I still have my library intact. Remember that room we are to prepare, so we can read while listening to the rain and the rest of details I shall not divulge here? That plan is still on track 🙂

  3. I can see you are so touched by the ‘magical’ Amazon kindle.Go ahead and acquire one,i hope by then,you will have no love left for your library…and so it will be easy for me to borrow your collections.

    1. Hahaha! That is the eternal debate! I promise you my library is not up for acquiring, or sale, or anything in between. Tell you what though, I might be convinced to let you have a peek at my collection, for your drooling pleasure, because I’m evil like that.

    1. Very interesting! I doubt they’ve do too much on the 3rd Generation Kindle other than having test apps become fully functional and some slight snuzziness on the gadget, but let’s see.

    1. When you get stuck on the comp as much as I do, you tend to try out some of these devices. Either way, nothing beats good old book.

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