The Wind Beneath Your Wings

Yes, I know, sappy alert. But indulge me. It’s not often I get to be the boring sappy woman next door. Besides, this is my blog, is it not? 😀

A few days ago, it was Shujaa day. Shujaa day is really Heros day, translated to Kenya’s national language, Kiswahili. It’s become quite an important day, and not just because it was named so, but because suddenly, we have all been given an opportunity to name our Shujaas, and they do not necessarily have to be the freedom fighters. It could be anyone. Speaking of which, I came across a post, describing who this fellow’s Shujaas were. I was quite amused. No, really, it was an upside down description of his heros. I thought, now there’s someone who sees the glass as being half-full… It was refreshing!

Few days of talking to one or two people made me realise that a lot of people deserving the title of Heros are largely unsung. The kind lady at the grocery store, who helps you carry your bags to your car, without expecting any payment. The stranger across the road who smiles at you, especially when you are feeling down. That Facebook (yes, facebook) friend who sends you an encouraging message, when they really didn’t have to. The person who tells you that things will be ok, even when it doesn’t feel like it. And not to forget the Heros who gave their lives for us to be where we are.

So you see, we are actually surrounded by Heros. Well beyond the obvious ones like close friends or beyond the normal acts of kindness. Open your eyes. Notice what is happening around you. Consider what someone has done, and even if you don’t get to thank them, say a prayer for them and be grateful they are in your life. They are the unseen wind beneath your wings.


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