The Day I lost My Mojo

The mojo in question is the writing mojo. For the likes of I who adore bombarding the likes of you with reading material, relevant or otherwise, the feeling of hopelessness is overwhelming. I went on a harping spree of how hopeless I was feeling, and my very kind friends on twitter @magaribina, @Wyndago @Wamathai @Shiko_Msa, got chatting about this mojo business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some mojo drink, or capsule or tot, or something, that you just downed and got the mojo back? These are seasoned writers, so I knew they felt what I was going through, and the utter sense of desperation one feels when you get to this stage.

I don’t know how far this debate went, but I remember someone mention that @Wyndago had some Breacol (cough syrup of days gone by) sort of medicine that he was going to dish out to us. I’m still waiting.

In the meantime, I shall take @Wamathai’s and @Shiko_Msa’s suggestion and wait it out. Hoping I don’t pull my hair out or age in the process of waiting. And I am ignoring @magizani’s threat of not running out of material. After all, material just took off from me.


14 thoughts on “The Day I lost My Mojo

    1. I see we are many in this lost mojo boat. We do love to write, so I prefer to call it a temporary set-back. Give me a shout when you get yours. I might just feel encouraged.

  1. Lost the mojo, eh? Don’t worry, it will come back, just don’t try too hard. Watched an interesting film a while back about a golfer who had lost his swing, I think it is called The Legend of Bagger Vance or something like that, with Will Smith and Matt Damon…it taught me a thing or two about when you feel you have lost ‘it’ and you need to get it back…

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I hear it comes back when it wants to. I’m steering clear off walls, no need to hurt them with my head…. yet. I should probably look for that movie. If nothing else, I need a harsh lesson in patience 😀

  2. I find this mojo business intriguing coz it doesn’t afflict writers only. Musicians, artists, programmers… Perhaps the mind needs to recharge, or requires fresh inspiration. When it happens I normally turn to other stuff like movies and reading – excessively:)

    1. Isn’t it the most desperate feeling though? Especially for the likes of me who love the false sense of control! I’m at the reading excessively bit. Hopefully, in the process I can find fresh inspiration 😀 Thank you.

  3. A most intriguing tip I got from @egichomo. Open a blank word document and stare at the cursor. Wow! Brilliant! Clear and present option. Why didn’t I think of that before? I stare at the cursor. But for how long? First I start to laugh. Then my eyes begin to wander. HP. HP again. Mecer. APC. Epson. Panasonic. Turando. How did I end up with a name like Turando on my desk? Sounds like a hurricane. Or a Nissan. Nissan Murano.

    Seriously though Carol, have you ever considered writing by hand? Personally, some of my best articles are usually scribbled by hand on a notebook. Spur of the moment gems.

    Bagger Vance? Whoever that is we could unlock the mojo and do a whole article about him. Starting with that name. And the fact that we’ve never heard of him. And that we thought we knew all the Matt Damon movies. And that we don’t really like Will Smith.

    And then we could say it’s not a him. It’s a place.

    Ok I’ve stopped.

    1. *gathering myself off the floor* You forgot to add how you suddenly notice specs on the blank screen. Start wondering how comes you never wipe your screen as often. And who put that large blotch of oil on the screen? You don’t remember touching it when you were having fries about a week ago. See where the blank screen is headed?

      I do hand writing. Shorthand mostly and you know where the problem is? I’ve become so poor at transcribing my work I’m left with just typing things out. Laziness I guess. Now, about the Bagger Vance dude? I mean, who the hell, right? I can see the post coming! I thought Matt Damon ended at the Bourne series! Bagger Vance? Seriously? Don’t even get us started with Will Smith… To be continued 😀

  4. My mojo also got lost,sorry I mean misplaced.I’m still searching for it…
    Shiko-Msa has the idea how I can recover it,and I’m following her advice.However,incase the search turns futile,I’ll look upward for inspiration,sideways for information but never downward in desperation.
    I’m much obliged for the mention.

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