Deal With It!

The way to stop being disappointed with people is not to expect anything in the first place. Other people are other people. They make their own choices and most of the times without me or you in mind. And thats ok.

That’s the motto I have tended to live by. I am slowly realising that I could be wrong.

The way to deal with disappointment is not to run away from it. It is to experience it fully. Disappointment is a by-product of failed expectations, and expectations are a natural thing for us humans. Feel the sadness that comes with disappointment, then move on to the next thing. Don’t cling and don’t resist. You cannot always have highs without lows in life. That would be like expecting peaks in the ocean and no troughs. Then there would be no waves to ride and enjoy. Stop micromanaging life and enjoy life to the fullest. Of course, this is easier said than done.

I Found this quote somewhere during my reading spree:

A more positive form of the ‘Disappointed’ emotion is curiosity. In other words we might say to ourselves, “Hmm, I expected x to happen, in fact I really wanted x to happen. I am sad or hurt that it didn’t happen. I wonder why it didn’t happen.” Such curiosity opens the door to seeking knowledge which helps get our thinking back in line with reality. In other words, situations where we initially feel disappointed can lead to wisdom if we allow ourselves to learn.


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