Why I’m Smiling – A Shopping Lesson

Today happens to be one of those days I’m wearing a huge grin and slowly sipping a stiff drink. I’m happy with myself. Reason? I got to teach a couple of guys a lesson, and the beauty of it is I did not need to go all conniving about it.

Once in a while I come across real nice people who tell me I work too hard. They always see me either running around or on my laptop, so the general conclusion is I work my behind off. Truth be told, sometimes I’m just making noise on Twitter, Facebook, Stumbling, Redditing or blog trolling. Other times I’m busy watching er…. online documentaries *insert straight face here*

Today, a couple of guys happen by and tell me since I work so hard, they can do a shopping run for me. In fact, they are feeling so generous, they will carry youngling for this run. Nothing can go wrong after all. My attempt at objections are thwarted and since I’m craving some Me time, I go ahead and let them have their way. All I say is bless their souls and protect their brains.

Once they leave, I’m in total peace mode. You know, underwear swinging over my head, naked warrior dance and all. Home alone. I pour myself a glass of ahem milk, drag my favorite reclining seat to the balcony and chew breeze. I even catch a doze! Life is good!

Four hours later, the kind dudes come barging into the house. They are all red and looking very angry. Mostly at me. My boy, being who he is comes in with some sort of toy and gleefully shows it to me. Normally, such presents are bought during special occasion, so I’m curious as to how he acquired this particular one. I won’t ask though. The guys are busy muttering under their breath and I’m thinking, this shopping trip didn’t go as they hoped. I check and my list is complete, so that’s not the problem.

They pour themselves stiff drinks and I can hear them talking about kid leashes and how they don’t understand why such an invention has never reached this country. They are seriously considering introducing it to people going shopping with kids. I pretend I cannot hear a word they are saying. I continue sipping my er…milk. This time, with a smile on my face. I don’t want to know what happened. Possibly because I might come down on them like a ton of bricks. But mainly because I know a lesson has been learnt. Just because I carry the boy shopping and make it look so easy doesn’t mean it’s easy. Look at what one trip did to two grown up men!


11 thoughts on “Why I’m Smiling – A Shopping Lesson

    1. I know! Right? I don’t see why some of these parents think I’m a bad role model! I can like so totally teach their kids good stuff! On a leash! 😀

  1. Oh, those guys don’t have kids? Any decent father like me knows the secret to kids and shopping, normally when we check into Nakumatt or whenever I suddenly discover an urgent work related call I need to make. I appear some tuskers and 2 hours later when I am informed everyone is at the till waiting for me to pay…works most of the time

    1. They are clueless! Poor fellows… Wait! Are you advocating for the dump-and-duck approach???? They should introduce leashes attached to trolleys for disappearing-to-make-phonecalls daddies! Let’s see how you Houdini yourself out of that one! 😀

  2. Hehehe! They needed a stiff drink to get over what the young one put them through!? He must be a tough one! Where does this trait come from? 😀

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