Local Tourism -The Nakuru Experience Part 1

This holiday Season, I have decided to take up Local Tourism. My Boss (ie the thinking part of my brain) and I had a long talk about how I have clocked many hours, days, nights, holidays and weekends and we agreed that I’ve earned myself some break. I figured that the best way to utilize this break was to take up local tourism. First Stop was Nyeri. Most people who claim to know me are aware that Nyeri is my First Love. I fell in Love with the town the moment I laid eyes on it. So in love I am that my imaginary cows, goats, sheep and chicken are in my imaginary land which I Imagined buying in Nyeri.

I mentioned (read harped on endlessly) about this particular attachment and I was informed that my problem was I was not well traveled, hence my mummy-is-the-best-cook mentality about Nyeri. My mother IS the best cook by the way. I know because am a reasonably good cook and any person capable of teaching me anything must be a genius. Moving on. This weekend, the tour took me to Nakuru. I have always been interested in National Parks, so I decided that Nakuru National Park would be a good place as any to visit. Yes, I know, wild animals don’t vary much, both in spots and length their tails, but I still find myself time and again visiting them.

My crew and I arrived in Nakuru quite late. Mostly because we made tons of stops as I was traveling with a bunch of eating machines. That and there were magnificent sites to see along the way.

Jumuia Guest House: Clean, comfortable, affordable.

What became apparent was Nakuru was a town of Bed/Breakfasts and Guest Houses and we found ourselves in one of the very well laid out ones. One thing that everyone encouraging me to visit Nakuru forgot to mention was the town was infested with mosquitoes. Mosquitoes and I have love-hate relationship. Imagine my utter shock when I open the door to my assigned room and my welcoming committee is a horde of them! You want to venture a guess as to what my first order of business was? No! Stripping was the second order. First order was to wage war against the little suckers. And war I waged. I went completely ballistic on them. Come to think of it, any frustrations and annoyance I had accumulated went to that war. Managed to decimate the lot.

Yes, I Know, you are waiting for the stripping bit and how it adds to the story. I was very lucky to have in my possession a jar of mosquito repellent Jelly. Told you I hate mosquitoes… This is where stripping came in. I had sworn I was not going to donate even a single drop of my precious blood to the suckers, I didn’t care that they were taking care of their future generations. I stripped right to my birthday suit and smeared a generous amount of jelly all over myself. Satisfied, I donned my fave night gown, slid into the amazingly comfy sheets and drifted off to sleep, thinking of the wonderful day I would have exploring the Park.


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