I Dub Thee The 5 Minute Japanese

No! Of course not! I did not become queen overnight. But let’s pretend for a minute that I am queen. I think I am actually allowed to be queen on this space, so work with me. So again, I dub thee the 5 minute Japanese. I will even grant you time travel powers. Backwards of course. Haven’t figured out how to teleport forwards.

We all have been following the catastrophe that hit Japan recently, and we went through all humanly capable emotions. I will therefore not dwell on that. What I’m Japanisizing you for is the moments leading to the quake and the tsunami. Imagine you lived in Japan. This is a land, on normal days is quite vibrant. And even in it’s vibrancy, at the back of her people’s minds, they know that earthquakes can strike at any moment. They never stop living their lives though. Economy runs, kids get born, sushi gets eaten, you know, all that sweet stuff the Japanese engage in.

Prior to the recent quake however, there had been warnings. Whatever form they took. Whether it was from a pastor predicting the quake, or from the weather man or even the geologist of the day. Now you, my 5 minute Japanese, going on with your business have been hearing about these warnings. I don’t know what you are doing about it, but the calls become louder as days approach. You probably think, this really is coming, but I bet it will be one of the mild ones. You go on with your business. T-10hrs, winds start gathering speed, the plate tectonics are beginning to show signs of restlessness. The seas are no longer as calm as they have been. O well, let me go on with my business.

T-3hrs. Dear lord! This thing might be bigger than I actually imagined! You tell yourself. Well, I better pack up my laptop and place it in a water tight bag. We wouldn’t want to ruin the project I have been working on the whole week. I doubt my boss Mr. Takamoshi would take the excuse of earthquake swallowed my project too kindly. T-30mins. Hmmm I wonder weather I should visit my sister’s/brother’s/cousin’s house. I think their apartment building is quite high, and with the newscasters claiming that the earthquake will trigger a tsunami, we need the highest roof we can find. Wait, did the earth move beneath my feet? I could be imagining, seeing as I’m on edge. Better call my girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband find out what they are up to. We probably could walk to higher ground together.

Bam! Earthquake. O no! What have I been doing all this time?! I haven’t even managed to store my laptop properly! Sparky (that’s your dog) has not even been fed! Wait, I can’t just leave him in his kennel! Now you are in a panic. So is everyone else. You grab your laptop, your iPhone, Sparky and a snack as you fumble about, trying to get to the door and to your car and make a mental note to call your significant other for an update.

The earth is now trembling uncontrollably, and suddenly mother nature unleashes her wrath, humans, you included are in a panic. You do manage to get to the car. Thank goodness you had parked on the street, since the roof of your garage door came crumbling as you shut your front door…

*Snaps finger* Ok. Your 5 minutes are up. Snap out of it. Back to who you are on regular days. Life is unpredictable. You get warning signs from all available channels. You are still caught unawares. What do you do then?


8 thoughts on “I Dub Thee The 5 Minute Japanese

  1. What happened in Japan was quite sad and at this moment our prayers are with them. With the exception of a few, like a tsunami that occurs as a result of an earthquake miles away, natural disasters are often unpredictable and come without warning. But what about man made disasters with all the warnings of what is waiting to happen? Could we be ignoring warnings on another PEV in 2012 for example? Substandard constructions in low cost areas such as kayole where people live in building hanging precariously, build with authorization from authorities? Ignoring a bulging number of unemployed youth? This is where the real tragedy lies!!

    1. I should have really let you do this post for me! Your comment says what I was trying to put across, with more passion and comparison! But wait! I can talk nicely so you can do one on your end, no? 😀

      1. Eh, talking nicely to me? To do one at my end? I guess I was high on porridge when I did that…turning it into a post requires another skillsset that I am not sure I have…but if you talk nicely who knows!

    1. Mighty scary, isn’t it? Blink of an eye, life changes. Incidentally, life and people change every minute, whether we are aware or not. You are not the same person who woke up this morning. How’s that for thought inducing pause? 🙂

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