Brain’s Got April Jokes!

Blank mind. Not a sentence to write. For over a week now. Maybe two. And a half. See we have a working arrangement with my brain. It comes up with semi-interesting material to put up here, and my body, mostly my fingers, do the rest. Which is basically typing it out. May not seem like much, but I tell you, fingers rule.

So yes, few days/weeks. Of a blank brain. Looking to the skies for inspiration. Doing incantations. Rain dancing (that was fun btw). Making sacrifices (no you do not want to know what these involved). Still, blank. Then this morning, I was woken up by distance yells of ‘April Fools’! Now I know that anybody in my household, that includes the neighbours know that I am not a morning person. They make effort to steer clear of me as freak accidents have been known to happen at such hours. I was therefore certain that none of that lot dared yell at me, let alone yell a stupid thing like April Fools.

You all know I have conversations with my head right? It’s a good thing by the way, so stop judging me! Brilliant ideas have been hatched this way. The cockiness that the yell was done could only have come from the said brain. To say that I was crying bloody murder would be an understatement. But who was I going to murder? My brain? No even I am that foolish. I went through the recent events of the blank mind, including but not limited to episodes of lack of sleep, or what dramatic people like to call Insomnia. That is such a huge word for a few hours of non-sleep!

Anyway, now I am up to speed. My brain has been pranking me. Never mind that this was a few weeks long joke. It obviously fails to comprehend the essence of April Fools. It is a one, no actually, half day affair. I have been pranked and I intend to get back at it. How you ask? One thing quickly comes to mind. Not the pranking mind, the other mind. Keep up! See I don’t think my brain ever goes to sleep. Even when the rest of me sleeps. Do you know what it does when I’m sleeping? It comes up with all these ideas, and things that it hopes to accomplish one day. Then of course, seeing as it doesn’t have fingers, it obviously relies on the rest of me to put down the ideas, lest they get forgotten in the milee of more ideas. See where I’m headed with this? Yep! Two or so days of not granting it the satisfaction of putting down the said ‘brilliant’ ideas. Let’s see how well it takes the April Fools prank. A lesson needs to be taught here people, I am not being harsh.

We can all then have a sit-down and everyone discusses how it felt to be pranked, have a good laugh about it (hopefully), then re-establish routine.


4 thoughts on “Brain’s Got April Jokes!

    1. Hahahaaaa! You have killed me! It’s debatable actually, I wouldn’t know if I had lost it, would I? Hope it’s back to stay though. Happy Fools Day back 🙂

  1. It would be good if the government actually gave us a real holiday on this day — in honor of our politicians! They could have politicians march in Uhuru Park as we tell them Happy Fools day.

    1. Haha! I know right? Some sort of feast of fools! Then we would all stop pulling pranks on each other and respect the day with people who are actually er… deserving of the day! 😀

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