You Will Get A Song

Music runs my life. Well, that and doodling or typing, depending on time of day. As such, it should come as no surprise that everyone who crosses my otherwise half interesting life gets allocated a song. Don’t jubilate yet, it’s not always or necessarily a good thing. Crossing can also be negative and even those get a song.

How or at what point this happens, I can never predict. I just find myself suddenly associating your call, mail, text, name or you with a certain song and bam. You have a song. I once told a friend this, and they thought that it was quite weired. And I was like duh, I AM weired.

The songs don’t have a particular genre. Neither do they necessarily happen to be the songs that you like. You could find yourself stuck in a timeless song, or a hip-hop song, a love ballad or a clowny song or worse, a whip-you song. Come to think of it, maybe it is because I have the fleetiest of memories. It takes eons to cram people’s names, but should a song pop to mind the minute I meet you, then you shall forever be remembered as the song.

Hold on to your hats. Another interesting fact. While most people will get allocated one song, the really special ones get two songs. Not the negative influences though. Those get just one whip-you song. How my brain decides that you have now crossed the realm of special, I cannot explain but once you have two songs, you are probably around to stay. Never three songs though. Probably the memory thing. It’s either one or two.

Ok there. Another weired thing about me that you can confidently say you know. What’s your song? Ask me if you are brave enough.


22 thoughts on “You Will Get A Song

      1. Gosh, what did I do to deserve that song? Well, your song is “Take A Message to Mary” by the Everly Brothers…you know why? Because last year I was listening to that song when I was in Haiti and tweeted about and then you responded with more of the lyrics. That’s when I first “noticed” you…I mean, I checked your twitter profile wondering who is this old lady then saw the link to your blog and started reading he he he…

      2. First, if you watched that song, you’d understand why I think it is you. You know… singing to one or both of your girls. It’s heartfelt and he just sounds like I imagine you would 😀 Second, Take A Message to Mary was your second song. Yes, for the aforementioned reasons. Wait, did you just call me OLD????? Nkt!

    1. Haha! No dear. That’s not a bad thing. Your songs are governed by your current situation. For me songs are my way of categorizing people. As far as what mood I am in for the day? Pray you get your hands on my Journal. That’s where everything is 😀

      Ps. You just got allocated a song. Nelly Furtado – I’m Like A Bird

    1. Woah there! Easy with the mushies! You are ruining my reputation! 😀 Love you too. Criteria? How the hell should I know how my brain works? 😉

  1. Well, next give us cars. I’m apparently already a red toyota solara but you’re free to assign me a new one. Knowing you though, you’ll give us bad ass motor bikes.

  2. Nice one!
    There are people in my life who are closely associated with songs, and other things.

    Still on music, I came to realize that listening to words makes a whole lot of difference. Since music plays in my house each and every minute that I am awake and around, you can imagine how much there is in music, over and beyond the beats.

    That said, any song you’d associate with someone with whom you’ve only interacted online?

    1. Agreed! That’s why it is so easy to associate people with songs. Because it goes beyond the beats and instruments. And yes, I will give you a song even if we have just interacted online. Yours should be coming to mind soon 😉

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