Dancing Up A Storm

I love dancing. O come on, quit with the shocked expression and close your mouth, will you? I’m not saying it is graceful or that my bones don’t rattle with every turn, hence scaring everyone away. No. That doesn’t stop me all the same. This weekend was a dancing weekend. Ok, obviously not the whole weekend, otherwise we would be collecting these old bones with a broom and dustpan.

I was invited to an event where there was over the top dancing. And I mean that! Nothing about outdoing each other, but dancing like no one is watching. And dancing we did. Ask the worn out tiles if you don’t believe me. It’s like everyone was getting everything out of their system. Troubles. Annoyances. Bad week. Headaches. At one point, I stopped dancing and started analysing people. Trying to figure out what each was dancing out of. Luckily, I am not a mind reader, and all I was doing was speculative analysis.

I did however wonder, what it was about letting go and just dancing that gets you. If you allowed yourself to let go, for the 5, 10, or 30 minutes, you are completely uninhibited, in your own world and it feels wonderful. Everything around you could be crumbling and you would not notice. Thereafter, you feel like you can take up any challenge thrown at you.

I am at that point right now. Probably for the next few days, till life throws it’s usual day to day challenges my way, then we can deal with whatever it is. I’m not worried though. If all it takes is a dance, then bring it on! One thing’s for sure, I shall dance more. Awkward or not, chickeny or not, I will twinkle toe my troubles and stresses away. I might even start regularly venturing into the blackness of the night just for a dance!


17 thoughts on “Dancing Up A Storm

  1. I like your style girl 🙂 don’t you just find life beautiful when you’re dancing at home as you go about your chores not giving a damn about the three left feet or that someone will find you loony if they were to walk in on you…

    1. Haha! Thanks Jaques! I know that kind of broom in hand dancing! O yeah, don’t forget the incomprehensible yabbering of the words! Let’s dance chica! 😉

    1. Tahahahaaaa! No it wasn’t. This was decent dancing with careless abandon. That was a sad show really… I don’t care who those performers were, they had no right!

  2. RTHX! @shikomsa
    @ Jaques, I moved house yesterday……. and as you can rightly guess, I feel like am in a puzzle, trying to fit everything at the right place feels like placing pieces in a jigsaw!….Bt now I know, all I need to do is get the boom box at full throttle to dancacleanaplan my crib this weekend !!

    1. When is that house warming again? I shall provide the boom box. Then we can heat that house up and figure out where everything should stay! 😀

    1. Oy! Will you quit with scaring Zamentali? Don’t worry Zamentali. We won’t set your house on fire. We’ll just break one or three items. Hopefully… 😀

  3. Yeah that would be fun…the house warming I mean…I fancy checking out some of your dance moves given the comments, am sure we would have a few R0TFLMAO moments 😛 But as shikomsa pointed out, my house will catch fire at some point, if it doesn’t a few items will be broken and yet if that doesn’t happen I will be left to draw weird stares from my neighbours ..the kinda ones that say….’I wouldn’t leave you to baby sit my kid….’some help here with the dilemma?

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